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Contributor: Dheerendra Pratap Singh

The Draconian coronavirus has been spread across the world and has become a threat to human health. And ostensibly the world is following social distancing to escape from a virus which has now made virtual meeting video calls more active to connect with people. From business meetings to online education, chatting with friends and family has become staple through video calling.

So in this hard time, here are the lists of 11 Video Calling Apps, their features, and their limitations.

(1) Google Duo

Features– It is supported by smartphones, multi-platform support, and various browsers.

Barriers– Only 12 people can chat at a time and which is not possible at WhatsApp and Apple FaceTime. But Duo does not have an app text messaging option.

(2) Apple FaceTime:

 Barriers- Only 32 people can be connected in one call.Limitations-Apple device users can only use it which means you can only chat with Apple device users using Facetime.

(3) Zoom:

 Features- Easy to use for meetings and chat. HD video, audio collaboration & chat. No need to log in at all.

Barriers- But it has laid some of the security issues related to data. As some of the organizations had reported some issues regarding the use of Zoom.

(4) Facebook Messenger: 

Features- It has chat friendly features like emoji, stickers, and fast video calling options. 

Barriers-You needs to have a Facebook account to use the Facebook Messenger app. Only 8 people can be connected to free video calls.

(5) WhatsApp

Features- Simple reliable messaging, available on web and desktop. Multiple platform and user base. It’s easy to use to support both IOS and Android platforms. 

Barriers- It supports only 4 people in a group chat not have a smooth video chatting.

(6) Blue Jeans

Features- Blue jeans are a good option for those who are willing to pay for video calling. It is available on Android, iOS Windows, and Mac. It gives you a feature of noise cancellation, recording, Dolby digital voice, and more. 

Barriers- It is very expensive, and you have to pay rupees 845 to take a subscription for a month.

(7) House Party:

 Features- This video calling app is a large social media app rather than a video calling app. It is available on Android iOS Mac and Chrome. it carries some fun features and 8 koi can be connected in one video chat.

Barriers- It has some serious security issues and you can lose your data. And it can damage your security structure system.

(8) Microsoft Teams

Features- It is a better option than zoom. It offers 250 people in video conferencing and has a text-based conversation option.

Barriers- it does not have any security issues but there is a limit of data using.

(9) Skype

Features- It is one of the oldest video calling platforms. It can be used with almost any device like Mac, Android, iOS, and Alexa Xbox. Support smart messaging, file sharing, real-time boys translation, and more.

 Barrier- It consumes more data than other video-calling platforms.

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(10) Google Hangouts:

 Features: It offers cross-platform support and easy to use also supports cross-platform and integration with Google calendar. 

Barriers- Only there is one disadvantage of using Google Hangouts is that it not popular with masses and very fewer people use it.

About the Author: Dheerendra is a student of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (4th Semester) in the Centre of Media Studies at the Allahabad University. He actively writes many articles on various platform and paid his contribution to many organisations.

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About the Contributor……Dheerendra is a student of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication in the Centre of Media Studies at the Allahabad University. He actively writes many articles on various platforms and paid his contribution to many organizations. If you have any queries regarding his articles, texted him via Instagram @its.dheerendra.


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