Coronavirus: 5 Budgeted Countries to visit after Covid19 Outbreak in 2022

Nowadays, we all love traveling and a low-cost budget trip is just what we need because In this pandemic situation we all are missing the outside scenery and our beautiful nature. So any travel plan after social distance and outbreak of Covid 19? We are so bored with being a stay at home for such a long time. Then why not plan for a great trip to one of the most budgeted destinations as below.

Budgeted Countries to Visit in 2022

Budgeted Countries to visit after Covid19 in 2022

Sri Lanka

Srilanka is one of the most beautiful and budgeted countries to travel. For lovely coastal areas, wildlife adventure, tea plantation there are many reasons to fall in love with Srilanka. It is famous for being one of the most loved islands, so if you want adventure or want a romantic vacation then you can travel to Sri Lanka.


Indians can visit Myanmar via road, also can reach by train or plane. The covid 19 outbreak was found later in Myanmar the other countries. Myanmar is one of the safest and budgeted destinations in this pandemic situation. In southeast Asia, it also ranks among the best backpacking destination.

The Maldives

The Maldives is a dream destination for travelers. It is very famous and well known for its crystalline water with beautiful blue shades, palm trees. It is the ultimate dream of luxury travel within your budget. So if want to spend a romantic vacation and want to experience an amazing myriad of marine life with living on the ocean then the Maldives is the best choice for you.

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Vietnam is a very safe and cheap destination for travelers and Vietnam is well known for its incredible scenery, deep and heroic history. With the beauty of nature, beautiful beaches, scenic landscape, and heroic history there are many reasons to visit Vietnam. By visiting Vietnam you can experience their culture, also can try their amazing Street food.

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If you are a travel lover but you have a low budget then start with Nepal. Nepal is very budget-friendly and also an amazing travel destination. Nepal is home to ten of the world’s 14 highest mountains. It is also well known for the world’s best white water rafting.

5 Budgeted Countries to visit after Covid19 Outbreak in 2021

In short, if you plan to visit, you can choose in any of them as these are best options for a perfect travel destination under budget. I f you know any other travel destinations that we don’t cover in this post, please comment in the Comment section.

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