6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins Tools 2020 for Beginners Blogs & Websites

6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins Tools 2020 for Beginners www.indianmemoir.com

When you open a new blog or website on WordPress, you have to install some Plugins to make your works smooth, fast, and secure. Plugins play an important role while making your blog work gets done. You can do almost every work to make your blog looks and behave perfectly. So in this post, we are going to discuss some basic Plugins that everyone should install when they first set up their blog or website on WordPress.

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1 . All In One SEO Pack

If you are new to blogging, then you must have an SEO Plugin. All In One SEO Pack will help to increase your blog and its posts ranking in Google. You can also customize the keywords for each blog post through this plugin.

2 . Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is another Plugin which is very helpful for every blog. It helps the blogger to make their Contact Us page with the help of some normal clicks. The good thing is that the free version is enough for every new blogger and you won’t need to buy the pro version.

3 . WP Sitemap Page

Every blog or website must have a Sitemap page where all the contents of that blog or website are listed on a single page. To do this task, this Plugin is ideal and with the help of it, you can display your all posts in a good and attractive manner.

4 . Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter will be needed when your blog or website has been monetized by Google Adsense or other ad serving platforms. With the help of this Plugin, you can insert your Google or other Ads in any part of your blog or blog posts. You don’t need to buy the pro version as the free version is enough for beginners.

5 . AdSense Invalid Click Protector

AdSense Invalid Click Protector is also another Plugin with the help of which you can protect your blog or website from Invalid Ads Clicks. Invalid Ads Clicks is a big headache for bloggers as their haters try all the way to block their blogger Adsense Account by making invalid clicks on the ads.

6 . Insert Headers and Footers

The Insert Headers and Footers is a great and free Plugin which assists you to put the Adsense validation code in the body of the WordPress Theme. Without this Plugin, you have to insert all your validation or verification code in the body or head of the theme, but when you install this Plugin. You have to only go and open this Plugin and post your code in the area showed in the post.

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In a nutshell, these are some of the Plugin which will help you to build and start your blog and website. If you are a beginner and you don’t have much budget, then these Plugins are the best option for you. Happy Blogging.


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