6 Top Namkeen Recipes For Your Evening Chai Nasta


Do you like to enjoy snacks? What type of snacks do you like most? After a long busy schedule in the evening, we like to drink some tea or coffee with snacks with our family friends and make some chit-chat. Snacks are used to entertain guests.

We prefer some light and namkeen snacks with tea or coffee. next should be lightweight and mouth-watering food which we all love to have.

But we must follow the proper diet. The cake should not be over fatty or unhealthy. We can make healthy snacks properly. Let see what we can take with chai or coffee. Here is the full list of Top Namkeen Recipes For Your Evening Chai Nasta.

6 Top Namkeen Recipes For Your Evening Chai Nasta

Namkeen Recipes for Evening Chai

Namak Para

The main ingredients of this delicious snack is white wheat dough (maida), salt, and some baking soda. Not only flying but also the baking process can be applied to make it healthier. It is a salty snack or namkeen which can be taken with chai.

Banana Chips

It is a South Indian snack and easy to digest for everyone. Children adults and elders can have this item. The thin slice of bananas is dried or deep-fried. It is a fat-free snack that is healthy diet-friendly. It is a tasty and little bit sweet. Carbohydrate protein fat has in the right proportion in this food.


Chivda is a flavorful and spicy and detectable snack. Puffed rice, dried nuts, roasted corn flakes, mint leaves, curry leaves were added to make it payable. It is a spicy and salty heavenly go with chai.


Murukuru is a crunchy and little bit salty and sweet. It is made of rice flour Dal flour and spices. It is produced by deep frying in ghee or refined oil. You can get 60% KCL energy from a hundred grams of gurukul. It is a good combo with tea in the evening.

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Bakarwadi is a Maharashtrian dish, tasty and disc shape. It is also evident in the western state of Gujarat. The main ingredients of this recipe are gram flour coconut and poppy seeds. It is crunchy and salty in the test. It is fried food.

The Crispiness of these snacks is very enjoyable and mouthwatering which is a perfect pair of tea.

Peanut Sandal

Peanuts sandal is a fine snack for the festive season. It is easy to make and takes 15 to 5 minutes to produce. It is a South Indian Recipe. The snacks are full of peanut, curry leaves, and grated coconut. It is a healthy snack for the evening.

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We must eat that type of food that is easy to digest and not eat packet food stored food and canned food. We may take this item which is easy to make at home.

Why should avoid junk food packed noodles and fast food which is lead to etc? obesity increases cholesterol in our body.


What Snacks are Best for Tea?

Namak para, banana chips, some off low-fat snacks like peanut sandals are best for tea.

What Snacks are Best with Indian Tea?

Chivda is a very good snack. These items have a mixture of spices dry nuts curry leaves and it is very mouth-watering and delicious. Gurukul is perfect for evening tea.

What Snacks go with the Coffee?

Toast, butter toast, sandwiches, peanut sandals are gone with coffee, poha is a very popular snack with coffee.

What should I eat for Snacks Indian?

In the Indian snacks we can eat dhokla, samosa, banana chips medu vada, bakarwadi chivda murukulu vegetable sandwiches, Masala papad, Gathia, etc.

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