7 New Strategies: How to Rank Number 1 in Google in 2022?


Who does not want to soar high in today’s big data age and gain the first position on the most popularly used search engine, Google? To be on the first ranking, what one needs the most is traffic. The blogger’s goal is to garner more and more traffic and associate the audience with his search results. Only then will the first position be achievable.

This leads aspiring Bloggers to one Legitimate Question: How to Rank Number 1 in Google. How to get more traffic and come to the top ranking of Google is a matter of concern for them. According to statistical records, while the top three search results on one topic get almost 75.1% of all clicks, the first search result alone gets 35% clicks. Thus it is important to understand how to hold onto the market.

What Strategies can be applied to have your Webpage Rank Number 1 in Google?

Here are 7 Actionable Strategies which are very helpful when it comes to How to Rank Number 1 in Google.

1 Find Low Competition Keywords with ExplodingTopics.Com

For your content to stand out and be unique, Exploding topics.com is one of the best strategies. Did you know that since most people apply a similar set of keywords and get similar kinds of search results no matter what SEO tool they use, most of the keywords are highly competitive? It is thus important to find keywords that are untyped and not mainstream and the platform that serves this purpose is ExplodingTopics.com.

2 Rewrite Old Content to Match Search

The search results should be relevant to what the public is looking for. If the content is irrelevant to what the searchers want, Google is not going to rank it no matter how many backlinks the page has. So, such old contents need to be improvised.

3 Guest Posts

Apart from backlinks, there are certain factors like

Organic click-through rate
User intent
Page speed
On-Page SEO
URL length
Internal links

And many other things that are responsible for making the content reach the highest ranking on Google. So it is necessary to understand when to vouch for publicizing the content. Keep your content as a ghost post unless you make sure that your keyword is not mainstream and then promote it.

4 Rank YouTube Videos in Google

Did you know that it is very important to put video content on your webpage? If you are worried about how to get more traffic, video contents feature on top of the Google page and attract a lot of audiences because they are appealing. Hence it is important to rank the videos of other pages from your site.

5 Target Low Competition High CPC Terms

One lucrative strategy for how to rank number 1 in Google is to use cost-proclaimed terms. Such terms are competitive as people are bidding constantly to pay for the clicks on a particular term. These people are here for business. The best way is to use CPC terms because you know exactly what amount is being spent by the advisers on each click on the keyword.

Latest Posts

6 Embed Videos in your Content

You will be glad to know that videos, being appealing, feature on the top of the Google page. If you want to know how to get more traffic on your site, upload more and more videos because there is something called Dwell Time.

Videos will glue the audience to your page for a long time and that is what Dwell time is- the time the audience spends behind your page. The more the dwell time on a page, the more the ranking of your page.

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Featured Snippets are small snippets of text that show at the top of Google search results that quickly answer a searcher’s question. The content that comes inside a Featured Snippet is generally brought from web pages in the Index of Google.

Last but not the least, you should create branded strategies for your brand itself should be your keyword. You will be glad to know that if you brand your strategies and technique, your webpage will automatically come to the top.

How to rank number 1 in Google becomes so very easy if we focus on what people are clicking on the search results and if we can understand why. Apart from these strategies, it is important to know the algorithm of Google ranks and judge the current status of your site as per the type of search result you are being able to provide on one particular keyword.

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