9 Top Most Free SEO Tools for Every Blogger in 2022

What are SEO contents and what are SEO tools?

SEO content refers to web content projected to rank high in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The main motto of SEO content is to gather traffic from search engines.

Did you know that SEO tools help the owners of the website to rank upward in search engines? SEO tools help in enhancing web content by figuring out keywords, backlinks, etc.

Free SEO tools for bloggers explore the possibilities of the web pages with plush placement and ranking on search engines. They give us updates about backlinks and keywords and details about SEO competition.

The best of the free SEO tools for Bloggers

Did you know that there are free SEO tools for bloggers that help to optimize the content?

The 9 online free SEO tools are as follows:

1 Seed Keywords

These act as the starting point for the research of keywords. Everyone online searches similar sorts of keywords into the search tools. Seed Keywords help the owner of the webpage to build up a scenario and sell an item through the needs of the customers.

2 SERPerator

You will be excited to know that our searches vary drastically based on our location and the device we use. The results that are shown to us come precisely because of this feature. SERPerator is one of the best SEO Tool.

3 Exploding Topics

New keywords aggregate the reach of web content as they are updated and call for constant competition. Exploding Topics will help you in doing so.

4 LSI Graph

LSI Graph shows the boost in content writing through the usages of the exploding topics and words/phrases related to the primary keyword.

5 TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a free chrome extension that is used to enhance the content of the videos on YouTube related to SEO.

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6 Wordtracker Scout

This free SEO tool for bloggers helps to scan a webpage and find out the keywords that will always feature on opening the webpage. Wordtracker Scout helps to fight online competition.

7 Google Search Console

You will have to agree that when it comes to Google, everything is legitimate. Google Search Console is an online free SEO tool that features all the pieces of SEO software and supervises rank ratings of the webpage.

8 AnswerThePublic

People who use (AnswerThePublic) this feature are super advanced and competitive. Such people use versus keywords to compare with rivals and try to engage the public to soar in ranking.

9 Animals Revive

Animal Revive tools, for example, Google Analytics assist us to find older content from websites that requires updates, upgrade, and both, in some cases. Updating older content and reviving them help in rank-boosting and keeping the audience focused on the webpage.

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You will be happy to know that there is one more free SEO tool for bloggers that acts as a bonus. Siteliner is a free online SEO tool that helps with handling anomalies related to the webpage, such as blocked pages, broken links, and duplicate contents.

Such free SEO tools for bloggers always prove to be handy when it comes to optimizing web pages and earning benefits out of it with rank boosting and dealing with rivals competitively.

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