Angel Sighting that will make you wonder about heaven- true or not?

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Angel playing with fire

A man claims to have captured an angel floating above the Fire with his camera. When he observed the Angel playing with fire, slot machines, and then out of the frame of his camera, he was taken aback. This video still shows an Angelic apparition hovering over a fire, and the footage appears to move in tandem with the video camera, as if it were linked to the lens. It could be a lens blur, or light from the fire reflecting on the camcorder lens, or it could be a real angel hovering over the fire.

Angel flying on the sky

A bizarre monster flying through the sky was captured by a videographer. The videographer assumed he had filmed birds in flight, but when he zoomed in on the footage, he discovered they were once fascinating winged creatures that resembled angels. Some netizens thought it was a real angel, while others claimed it was just a manipulated movie. He initially mistook the winged animals he saw flying in the sky for birds, but he was astonished to discover that the winged creatures he saw flying resembled what we call Angel. While Angels’ appearance varies, many depictions of angels give them a human shape.

Woman saved by angel

What you’re about to watch is a very brief footage of a woman walking to the right corner of the road when all of a sudden, a van and a car collide and heat toward the woman in the video, which displays the Angel in the upper right corner. One woman on the right corner of the road, just before it moves the woman to safety. Fortunately, she is unharmed, and the man in the video was shocked. She believes she was saved by an angel, and many people who have seen the video believe the woman was saved by an angel as well.

Angel caught on clouds

What you’re about to see was captured on camera by a cinematographer in an undisclosed area, who captured an extremely weird and rare species flying. He was looking out the window when he noticed a man in the distance directly in front of him. Then, as if you were closing your eyes, a strange shape of a human-like figure flying through the sky appeared. The entity appears to be human in appearance, with arms, legs, chest, and even a discernible face, but upon closer inspection, he notices a bizarre winged creature that resembles an Angel. While many people have come to reject the traditional notion of Heaven as a place in the clouds above, this certainly makes you think twice.

Real angel sighting

In a clip, When two friends were driving a car, a weird and rare creature flying over the sky was seen on camera. The man initially believed he was photographing Angels in flight, but upon closer inspection, he discovered a winged creature that resembled angels.

Angel appears over clouds

Over the sky, an incredible clip was taken. According to the man, he was staring out the roof when he noticed a figure in the distance from the sky, followed by the strange shape of a humanoid creature with wings walking on the clouds. Eat, on the other hand, looks to have a pair of white wings that extend beyond its arm. Many people have seen this historic thought of he while he was a spot in the skies above the clip, and it makes you think twice about it.

Angel caught in Storm

An incredible video seems to show Angel walking through the clouds in the sky. The film starts with a storm in a real-life clip of a storm. With the camera turned towards the sky, a storm is brewing above Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The guy filming the terrible weather condition may be heard during the live stream. The camera then focuses on the bride’s white pet in the horizon, while the man examines the hole written in the sky to see who has the authority. However, it wasn’t until after uploading the video that a buddy saw the weird shape in the clouds that resembled a human body with some individuals claiming to be an angel soaring. People are quick to point out a shadowy form of an Angel with arms and legs walking between the bright patches in the clouds during the storm.

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