Best 11 Winter Recipes You Must Try In This Season

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Eating in winter can be done healthily and heartily. So, let’s make most of what’s trending. Explore some of the best winter recipes for good health. Winter is the time for comfort good food and warmth. It’s time to prep up and indulges in deliciously warm yet healthy delicacies. Following are the 11 Best Winter Recipes For You To Try This Season:

1 Mooli Parantha

A lip-smacking dish, best when combined with Chai at breakfast; is just a stuffed parantha with grated veggies, radish in particular. Since made with radish, is extremely nutritious and an amazing source that helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

2 Chilli Gobhi

Truly delicious snack. Also, an ideal party starter or even served as a side dish. Green Chilli is good for health and is loaded with essential dietary fiber which helps in cleansing the colon.

3 Methi Ka Thepla

When bored with mooli ka parantha, try this Gujarati style Methi ka thepla. Very healthy diabetic snack. Also, perfect for kid’s tiffin recipes.

4 Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

In love with Italian cuisine? Try this recipe of spinach for a perfect side dish. Spinach is good for weight loss; also an anti-cancer.

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5 Beet and Arbi Falafel

A great recipe from the interiors of Lebanese cuisine for those who are fitness conscious. High in fiber and aids in weight loss.

6 Jowar Tacos

A colorful side dish of the desi and western cuisine. Begin your winter diet with this snazzy recipe. Very healthy taco shell.

7 Gobhi Shalgam Ka Aachar

Fond of pickles? Try out this peppy accompaniment. A winter special aachar. Sweet and sour melting in your mouth, giving you a tangy satisfaction.

8 Palak Paneer

One of the most craved, all-time favorite winter delicacies, add this to your list for healthy and hearty winter cooking. Rich source of protein. A nice winter recipe for a good and healthy body.

9 Mooli Wala Meat

Meat lover? Try out this Kashmiri-style meat recipe. Perfect for the main course. Highly nutritious combining the health benefits of both radish and meat.

10 Crispy Palak

Health-conscious bugs! This is perfect for you! Spinach being a highly nutritious veggie, try out it in a crispy way so that you don’t get bored or irritated.

11 Beetroot Kebab

Craving for kebabs? Nail the art of cooking a beetroot kebab. Perfect for vegetarians. Kebabs on one hand, healthy on the other.

Here it ends with winter recipes for a good healthy body.


This winter season, prep up for the best winter recipes for good health. Cook heartily. Present healthily. Turn out all the boring veggies into spectacular dishes. Cause that’s what’s trending. Happy cooking!

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What foods are popular in Winter?

Sarson da saag, Gajar ka halwa, Bajra khichri, Gond ka laddoo, Smoked Gouda-Brocolli soup, Chikki, etc., are some of the top winter recipes. These recipes are always a hit when you want warm and satisfying food during the cold months.

What’s good to eat on a Cold Day?

Nutritious foods to keep you warm in the cold weather are Ginger tea Oatmeal, Coffee, etc. These are again some of the top winter recipes you should try to be warmer than chicken noodles.

What should I make for Supper?

Keep cozy indoors with Roasted Pumpkin and Ginger soup, Mini fish pies, Crispy-fried cheese ravioli.

What should I eat on a Rainy Cold?

French onion soup, Lasagne, Chai Tea Latte, Cheesy Stuffed Baked Potatoes will make wet, chilly weather a bit more bearable with these rainy days.

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