Wed. Jul 21st, 2021
What is the best hosting provider in India 2020

If you are Blogger or you own a website, then you come across the term ‘hosting’. Hosting a thing or place or you also called storage where all your blog or website data has been stored that can be accessed anywhere in the world. When you want to build or make a blog or website, you need some space to save you data or files of your website or blog. Here the use of ‘hosting’ comes and there are a lot of companies operating in the world that provide hosting’s to these blogs and websites by charging fees from the bloggers. So in this post, we have compiled Best Hosting Provider in India, Web Hosting Provider in India, and 5 best Local Hosting Provider in India in the year 2020. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Best Hosting Provider in India
Hosting Provider in India
Web Hosting Provider in India
Indian Hosting Provider
Top Hosting Companies in India

1 . Big Rock
Big Rock is the most famous and older hosting provider in the country whose data center is in India. It is noted for 6 million domain names, lightning-fast performance, and rock-solid security for the blogs and websites. If you are a newcomer in the field of Blogging, then Big Rock is a good choice as it comes with a price of Rs 99/per month (plus taxes).

2 . ZNet Live
The other most powerful and good hosting in India comes with features like on-time customer supports, strategic investment with guaranteed results, and tight security. It is ideal for business as it helps to grow the business in a fast and secure way.

3 . Net 4
This Hosting is a good choice for Linux and Windows hosting. It has good services and great support that ranges from Rs. 30/ per month. If you want to start a blog and planning to scale it large then you can go with Net 4. It is one of the best local host providers in India.

4 . Miles Web
Miles Web is known for providing services to all but it is noted for e-commerce mostly. Packed with great customers supports, high-class service, and tailored made packages, it acts as a helping hand for the e-commerce starters. Miles Web packages start from Rs. 40/ per month.

5 . HostingRaja
Last but not the least, HostingRaja is a good choice who wants something extra in the above all hostings. Providing high-speed connectivity through lightning-fast LiteSpeed servers and applying advanced caching mechanisms. Under the price range from Rs. 65/ per month, is ideal for both static and dynamic websites.

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In a nutshell, we suggest that if you a beginner and aim to make a career in the field of blogging. Then these Hosting providers are the best choice. Depending on your need and budget, you can go with any of the above providers.