Big News from the Post Office Franchise! Start a Post Office Franchise and earn up to 50,000 rupees every month

The PrefaceStart a Post Office Franchise

The post office is not only responsible for delivering letters to their destinations, but it is also involved in people’s daily lives. The postal service is involved in people’s happy and sad occasions. This article is included with detailed information on how to Start a Post Office Franchise. Have a look on the discourse for a better knowledge.

You Can Now Open Your Own Post Office Franchise

As a government agency, the Post Office plays a critical function. The majority of us believe that post offices only deliver letters to their own addresses. Customers of the postal department can take advantage of a variety of services. The post office’s programmes are more concerned with providing benefits to clients than with soliciting their business.

The post office’s services are divided into two categories

  • Mail Services.
  • Financial Services.

Mail Services Includes

  • Register Post.
  • Speed Post.
  • Direct Post.
  • Media Post.
  • Logisitics Post.
  • Parcel Service.
  • E-Post.

Financial Services Includes

  • E-Money Order.
  • Instant Money Order.
  • Mobile Money Transfer.
  • Wide Variety of Savings Schemes (PPF, SSA, SCSS etc.).
  • Life Insurance.

There are a slew of other services that will necessitate a separate post. But now you know that the post office, in addition to delivering letters, provides investing and savings opportunities. These services are tied to citizens’ daily lives in order for them to generate income.

How Can You Make Post Office Your Source Of Income?

Today, I’ll show you how to get a job with the Postal Service. You’re now pondering qualifications and eligibility. Let me tell you, it does not necessitate large sums of money, nor does it necessitate any type of degree or diploma. You can hire a franchisee to turn your business into a source of income. You might make up to Rs.50000 per month with this franchise. You can start offering postal services in your city or hamlet by opening a franchise.

Who Is Eligible To Become A Post Officer?

There are only a few needs, which are as follows:

A person’s citizenship should be Indian.

Only people above the age of 18 are eligible to apply for a franchise.

A person should have completed at least 8th grade.

You also can’t take advantage of the services.

How to Get a Post Office Franchise?

To begin, you should be aware that there are two sorts of franchises from which to choose as your source of revenue.

Franchisee of a retail outlet

Franchisee for Postal Agents.

How to Apply

To begin, go to the official Indian Post website or go straight to the franchise scheme portal.

Now you may download the application and submit it to become a franchisee.

After being chosen, you will receive information from the postal department, and after signing an agreement, you will be able to begin working.

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The Final Thought

You must submit an application for a post office franchise. To apply, go to the Indian Post website and click on this official link. You can download the form and apply for the franchise from this page. Following the application, all franchisees will be required to sign a franchise agreement with the Department of Posts. Following this agreement, you can begin the process of providing individuals with the services supplied by the postal department.


How much profit does a post office franchise make?

From villages to cities, franchise businesses can be established. You can earn an average of 50000 rupees every month if you join this. To open India Post, however, you simply need to deposit 5,000 rupees.

Is Indian post office franchise profitable?

You may now earn lakhs of rupees every year by beginning a new business for just Rs 5,000, thanks to a fantastic opportunity from the Post Office. You can generate money by purchasing a Post Office franchise. Although the country now has almost 1.55 lakh post offices, there are still no post offices everywhere.

How does a post office franchise work?

The Department and the selected franchisee will sign a Memorandum of Agreement. The selection criteria were developed with the goal of selecting people who have the ability to manage and promote a variety of products, as well as a sense of community needs and public aspects of the profession, and a willingness to assume responsibility.

How can I get Post Office agency in India?

To begin, go to the District Collector’s Office and provide the required documents.
Application Form for India Post Agent.
Agreement form.
Nomination form.
An affidavit which is attested by the Magistrate.
Two character certificates.
Two recent passport-size photos.
A photocopy of the SAS agency.

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