How to Book Indian Railway Tickets Online in 2022 (App Review)?


Today’s article is for those who like to travel to different beautiful places regularly. The information we are going to give you today can be very useful if you are always on the lookout for new good places to visit. But one of the things we often think about when traveling is whether we can get a confirmed train ticket. And for this we often have to go to the railway station to buy a ticket or take the help of a cyber cafe. But if you read our discussion today in its entirety, you will understand how easily you can do this at home and you do not need anyone’s help. So let’s start the main discussion on the process of Book Train Tickets Online.

Steps that you have to follow for booking railway ticket by using an app

So now we will discuss that if you follow the simple procedure you can easily confirm the train ticket without any hesitation. Here we are going to discuss- “Mobile se Railway Tickets kaise Book karein” step by step-

Step 1: First you go to the Google Play Store and from there download the IRCTC Rail Connect app.

Step 2: Then when you install the app you will see that you are asking for some permission. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 3: Then when you enter the Mind app, you will see that many options are open in front of you. You must choose the Plan my journey option.

Step 4: Here you will find some more options where you can find all the information related to your booking. You can also check if your ticket is confirmed from PNR option.

Step 5: Also if you are thinking of cancelling any ticket you will get cancel option from here. In addition, if you need to get a refund for your cancelled ticket, you can get the information here.

Step 6: When you plan your journey, you must first name the station from which you will begin your journey and then the name you want to reach.

Step 7: Then the search train in front of you says the option will open which you can know the names of all the possible trains.

Step 8: Then you need to look for a ticket on the day you want to start your journey.

Step 9: You will be presented with various options from which you will have to choose which class you want to book tickets for. Suppose you want to book a sleeper class ticket then you can choose that option from here.

Step 10: Here you will find many more options. For example, whether you want to book a meal, whether you want a bed, whether you want an immediate ticket, etc.

Step 11: If I want to buy a train ticket again and again, we will tell you where it is better to have your own registration. All you have to do is create a user registration with your name, your ID certificate number, date of birth etc.

Step 12: Whenever you buy a ticket, you have to provide all the information about the number of passengers who will go here. Another special feature of the app is that from here you can buy not only train tickets but also air tickets from here.


On the basis of incomplete discussions we can say that there is no need to go to eight railway stations to buy train tickets. You can do this very easily at home only if you have an internet system. Hopefully the app will prove to be very useful in your case.


How do I book train ticket online?

Train with What Is Currently Available Concession on Berth Railway Passes. Search. Click the option PNR STATUS. The Indian Railways have begun to provide linen aboard trains.

Which website is used to book train ticket?

Using your IRCTC user ID and login, book IRCTC or Indian Railway train tickets online fast and conveniently on train mobile app or website.

How can I book train tickets immediately?

·         Choose your starting and ending stations.
·         Choose your departure date.
·         Choose ‘TATKAL’ as your quota and start looking for trains.
·         For your desired train, click ‘BOOK NOW.’

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