What is Bijnis App (Case Study-App Review)?


Today we bring you information about an app that will be very useful for our readers. If you are thinking of doing any kind of business then you really need this b2b. Very few people still know about this app so reading this article is very important for you. Follow this article case study from beginning to end and find out how this app will prove to be so useful for you. Please follow it for Business App Review Case Study, as it will be beneficial for many.

An overview on Bijnis App

We must know some essential facts to complete the Bijnis App Review.This app started its journey in 2015. And the company is basically a shoe manufacturing company that sells many types of shoes at very low prices. This company first started its business in Agra city. Because Agra is a place where leather work is done a lot and this place can be called the backbone of shoe making. This app provides a platform from all the wholesalers of shoe manufacturers where they can easily sell the shoes they make. Initially, the name of this app was Shoekonnect. They targeted the shoe industry from the beginning and now they have been able to turn their app into one of the biggest apps involved in the industry. More than 400 manufacturers and wholesalers are associated with this app. Moreover over a million things are available here.

The App Analysis

Now we can focus on exactly how they do business to follow the Bijnis App Case Study. It is a B2B app that acts as a marketplace. Just like Amazon is a marketplace app though it’s a b2c app. So you understand that Amazon is a business that sells customer care products directly. But we’re talking about a business-to-business app so it’s designed to help another business. Do you know why this app is so good? This is because it is the largest shoe seller in India, emphasizing the B2B business approach. As a result, the people involved enjoy the benefits of doing their business and the best things reach them at the lowest prices. Moreover, they have online payments and provide logistical support to their customers. You can open it and see how it works. Here you can see different types of options and you have to choose the option as per your need. In each category you will find different types of shoe collections. Which you can bring to your address.

How you can start a business with this app?

If you want to do business with the app, you must first download the app from the Google Play Store. Then you have to create an account here where you have to give your own address to someone so that you can take things from your nearest wholesaler. You can then order the item of your choice from the category of your needs or preferences and it will reach the address provided for your business. You can do business any way you want with this method. You can sell things online on various platforms as well as offline. In cash on delivery option you can bring things up to 50 thousand rupees. So you understand that this app is going to give you huge benefits. And if you think that you can sell these things online, then there are four best ways for you.

  • First, you can sell it in any marketplace if you want. For example, Flipkart, Amazon.
  • The second method is the social commerce model. This means you can go to social sites and sell to resellers or you can sell directly to yourself.
  • You can use your own e-commerce brand that will help you in this regard.
  • Also the last way is that you can trade it online. That means you can sell things directly from here on platforms like Indiamart.


Hopefully the whole discussion will be very helpful to you. And with the help of this information you can start a good business very soon.


Is Bijnis app good?

It is a very good option as well as reliable for wholesalers.

How does Bijnis app work?

The Bijnis app assists factory owners in generating demand from consumers and other shops, as well as assisting them in obtaining supplies. It also provides logistics and payment services to manufacturers through agreements with a number of well-known industry companies.

Who is the founder of Bijnis?

Vij, Chaitanya Rathi, Siddharth Rastogi, and Shubham Agarwal founded the company in 2015, and it now services over 2,000 manufacturers and has a network of over 80,000 small fashion and lifestyle shops that buy straight from them.

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