What is BYJU’S The Learning App (Apps Review)?


In last few years parents are greatly relying on online classes for their kids. Because they can monitor the process of the classes when they are obtaining the online classes for their children. On the other hand taking online classes is less time consuming and do not need time for communicating. That’s why the parents fill flexible with such classes. There are different types of educational applications that they are using for their child’s education. In our nation Byju is the most recommended and popular app for learning. So if you are a parent and want the best education for your child by the help of online teaching then you have to know regarding this super-efficient app. So we want to share the relevant facts regarding this app that may help you in understanding the procedure of BYJU’S The Learning App.

An overview on the educational app- Byju

There is no denying the fact that Byju is considered as the India’s best educational app. It is rare to find a person who have not already watch the advertisement of this educational platform acted by the superstar Shahrukh Khan. Maybe you are feeling quite confident on this app after watching is engaging advertisements. But there is a need to know in details. So please follow the BYJU’S The Learning App Review in-depth regarding the learning app.

Process of registering in the Byju app

This article is for them who often ask- “Kya Hai BYJU’S App?” Byju’s app is very simple to install. Just go to the Google Play Store and download the app. After installing the application you have to provide your phone number and address for registering. If you are a parent then you can open the application for your child registration. After that you can ask for them for the free educational tab. The team members of the app will come to your resident and take a small step of your child. If your child is able to pass the test then the company will provide your child a tablet help him or her in education without any cost. After registering you can choose the subject and time table for selecting the classes to your child. That’s all you don’t have to do anything else. You can also book a demo class before being serious in this matter.


There is nothing to concern because Byju is a reliable learning application for the students of class eight to twelve. The app has recruited the best teachers across the nation. So this will certainly be a good option for online education.


What is the cost of BYJU’s learning app?

Classes taught by India’s best teachers, with live question and answer sessions. One teacher teaches ideas, while the other gives individual attention and answers questions. Mentors who are committed. Guidance on a one-on-one basis.

Is BYJU’s for kids free?

There’s no cost to try, and there’s no obligation to pay! BYJU’S is India’s leading education technology firm and the provider of India’s largest K-12 learning app, which provides highly adaptable, engaging, and effective learning programmes for K-12 students as well as students preparing for competitive examinations such as JEE, NEET, and IAS.

What is the use of BYJU’s learning app?

BYJU’S, which was launched in 2015, has quickly become the most popular and favoured education app among students of all ages. Original content, rich animations, interactive simulations, and engaging video lectures from India’s greatest teachers are all used in the BYJU’S learning app.

Is BYJU’s learning app free?

Students who have the pre-installed (free) app will need to update it in order to gain access to the full learning content. According to BYJU’S, the COVID-19 situation will disrupt the education of almost 290 million pupils in 13 countries, citing a UNESCO report.

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