Why Google is Banning All 3rd Party Call Recording Apps in 2022? All Details


According to a Reddit post obtained by 9to5Google, Google is launching a new Play Store policy that will effectively bar third-party call recording apps from the Play Store starting May 11th. To acquire access to the audio functionalities on Android devices, such apps now use the Accessibility API (which is developed for people with disabilities). The article is included with facts on Call Recording Apps Google Ban.

The guideline specifies that “apps having a fundamental functionality intended to directly benefit individuals with impairments are eligible to utilise the IsAccessibilityTool.” “Apps that aren’t qualified for the IsAccessibilityTool flag can’t use it, and they must comply with clear disclosure and consent criteria. The Accessibility API is not meant for remote call audio recording and cannot be requested.”

Because of privacy concerns, Google has been gradually attempting to remove call recording from Android. On Android 6, it was mostly prohibited, and in Android 10, the usage of the microphone for call recording was removed. The Accessibility API was the last resort for call recording apps.

“Accessibility capability is not necessary to get access to the incoming audio stream if the app is the default dialer on the phone and also pre-loaded,” stated Google content global operations lead Moun Choi. “As a result, there would be no violation. Because this is a clarification of an existing policy, the new language will take effect on May 11th for all apps.”

-It’s unclear whether the new policy would result in existing call recorder apps being removed from the Play Store.

Why- the reason?

These apps will be unable to use the accessibility API, which is required for call recording. According to Google, the Accessibility API is not built for remote call audio recording and hence cannot be requested. Accessibility Capability is not necessary to access the incoming audio stream if the app is the default dialler on a phone and is also preloaded. Have a look on the entire discussion on Google Play Store Call Recording Apps Ban.

Policy Changes

Because the system apps are pre-installed, they can get any permission they want. Third-party apps, on the other hand, do not have the same freedom and must obtain permissions. It will apply new Google Play Store restrictions prohibiting third-party apps from recording the call audio stream via the Accessibility API.

Native Capabilities

  • Only the built-in call recording feature will be impacted.
  • System-installed apps that already have permission to use the Accessibility API are also exempt.
  • Pixel’s and Xiaomi’s dialers, for example, have this as a built-in call recording feature.
  • From May 11, Android users who don’t have a built-in call recorder won’t be able to record calls.
  • Google, Xiaomi, and Samsung smartphones all have a built-in call recorder.

The Crusade against Misusers is an anti-misuse crusade

  • For quite some time, Google has been working to prevent call recording on Android cell phones.
  • Because call recording regulations vary in severity around the world, the adjustments are intended to increase privacy and security.
  • It was discovered that unscrupulous developers were tracking users using the Accessibility API.
  • Call recording is disabled by default on Android 10.
  • To get around this, Play Store apps started recording calls via the Accessibility API.
  • For certain apps, this will no longer operate.

Truecaller’s Recording Capabilities

  • It is unlawful to record any Record Call Voice Apps in some nations, including practically all of Europe.
  • Users of the popular Truecaller app in India are about to suffer.
  • According to a Google official, call recording will no longer be available due to new Google Developer Program standards.
  • Call recording was one of the most popular features of the app when it was first released last year.


  1. Which is the best app for call recording?

    ·         OpenPhone is a business phone app that offers a call recording feature standard with every plan. …
    ·         Cube ACR. Cube ACR is an app that allows you to manually or automatically record calls.
    ·         Rev Call Recorder.
    ·         Automatic Call Recorder.

  2. Why did Google remove call recording?

    This day has to come, especially since Google is adopting a more aggressive stance on Android privacy and security in Android 12. “The Accessibility API is not designed and cannot be requested for remote call audio recording,” it stated flatly.

  3. Which free app is best for call recording?

    2) TapeACall Pro.
    3) Rev Call Recorder.
    4) Cube Call Recorder ACR App.
    5) Automatic Call Recorder.
    6) Automatic Call Recorder Pro.
    7) Truecaller.
    8) Easy Voice Recorder.

  4. How can I record all call?

    ·         On your Android device, open the Phone app.
    ·         At the top right, tap more options Settings. …
    ·         Under “Always record,” tap selected numbers.
    ·         Turn on Always record selected numbers.
    ·         At the top right, tap Add.
    ·         Choose a contact.
    ·         Tap Always record.

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