Civil Engineering Jobs 2020-21: Only 57% BTech passed Students get top10 IITs Placement in CE Field


According to the data and survey the Civil Engineering Jobs 2020-21 placement statistics was produced. A few universities didn’t disclose their data – or the data was incorrect or imprecise – while others didn’t teach Civil Engineering at all. They were not considered in this study. Civil Engineering appears to have one of the lowest placement rates among the main branches in both IITs and NITs. Only ten of the thirteen IITs for which we have data have released data that may be used to make the proper comparison. However, this is enough to form a conclusion.

What the Data Says About Civil Engineering Jobs?

Data from ten engineering colleges for Civil Engineering and thirteen IITs for overall placement revealed significant differences in placement rates and average incomes between overall achievement and Civil Engineering. Only 57 percent of civil engineering students who applied for placements were actually placed. Some branches had lower registration rates as well as lower placement rates. Only 43% of students were placed based on the total number of students enrolled. The absolute numbers and percentages are listed in the table below.

Comparing Placement Rates in Civil Engineering

The 13 IITs collectively placed 77 percent of students, which is 20 percentage points higher than the 57 percent placement of Civil Engineering students at the 10 IITs. With the exception of IIT Madras and IIT Kanpur, this was the general tendency throughout all IITs. The difference between average and Civil Engineering placement rates was greatest at IIT Patna — a shocking 38 percentage points – but at eight of the IITs it was 20 points or more. It was over 30 percentage points at two, including Patna.

Civil Engineering Placement in IITs for BTech students

InstitutionAverage Placement Rate (%)Civil Engineering Placement Rate (In %)
IIT ISM Dhanbad6856
IIT BHU Varanasi7453
IIT Delhi8666
IIT Gandhinagar6942
IIT Guwahati7851
IIT Hyderabad6943
IIT Indore8954
IIT Kanpur8182
IIT Kharagpur8871
IIT Madras7377
IIT Patna6830
IIT Roorkee7465
IIT Ropar8253

Numbers of IIT BTech CE Placements

InstitutionEnrolledRegisteredPlacedPlacement Rate / Registered (In %)Placement Rate / Enrolled (In %)
IIT ISM Dhanbad28271555.653.6
IIT BHU Varanasi663553.0
IIT Delhi563766.1
IIT Gandhinagar2412541.720.8
IIT Guwahati71532750.938.0
IIT Hyderabad38351542.939.5
IIT Indore3513753.820.0
IIT Kanpur655381.5
IIT Kharagpur241770.8
IIT Madras49393076.961.2
IIT Patna2520630.024.0
IIT Roorkee1331107164.553.4
IIT Ropar34191052.629.4
NIT Surathkal755573.3
NIT Rourkela56423685.764.3
NIT Tiruchirappalli98705375.754.1

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Average Salary for Civil Engineers

InstituteAverage Annual Salary (In Rs Lakh)Civil Engineering (In Rs Lakh)Variance (In %)
IIT ISM Dhanbad12.06.942
IIT BHU Varanasi17.612.927
IIT Delhi0.00.0
IIT Gandhinagar10.58.222
IIT Guwahati19.413.530
IIT Hyderabad20.010.747
IIT Indore14.79.039
IIT Kanpur20.217.315
IIT Kharagpur15.00.0
IIT Madras17.117.3
IIT Patna13.16.650
IIT Roorkee0.00.0
IIT Ropar12.29.224

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Salary in Civil Engineering: Maximum and Minimum

InstituteMaximum SalaryMinimum Salary
IIT Madras52.57
IIT Guwahati307
IIT BHU29.725.4
IIT Hyderabad16.56
IIT ISM Dhanbad13.55
IIT Patna95.16


  1. What is the working of civil engineering?

    Bridges, roads, railways, and tunnels are all designed and built by civil engineers. They plan and construct multi-story parking garages, train stations, stadiums, hospitals, and airports, among other projects.

  2. Which job is best for Civil engineer?

    Engineering Project Managers.Senior Civil Engineer.Engineering Managers.Civil Engineer.Architect.Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers.Civil Engineering Drafter.

  3. What is a civil engineer salary?

    An intermediate level Civil Engineer with 4-9 years of experience earns R 580 000 on average, whereas a Senior Civil Engineer with 10-20 years of experience gets R 770 000 on average. Civil engineers with more than 20 years of experience can expect to earn over R 800 000 per year.

  4. Are civil engineers rich?

    Civil engineers, on the whole, make a solid income. Most civil engineers, on the other hand, will not “become rich” until they build a huge, profitable engineering firm. Civil engineers in the United States make an average of $93,270 per year.

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