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With the rising cases of effected coronavirus patients, the demand for the mask is day by day increasing in developing countries like India. People used to move to their native homes amid the fear of this virus. Among worst effected, Maharashtra is on the top lists followed by some other South Indian states. So, to protect themselves from deadly COVID19, people are taking a lot of protective measures like using different types of masks, sanitizers, and other virus protection precautions.

Here are the lists of things that are most effective from coronavirus and will also show some ways how to buy that from online.

Different types of Coronavirus Masks (COVID-19)

N95 Masks
It is said and widely believes by the doctors that N95 Masks are more effective in protections from coronavirus.

For Men

For Women
coronavirus N95 Mask

2. N99 Masks
The N99 Masks, which people used for their protection from pollution, are now in demand also for the rise of the coronavirus.

3. Washable Safety Masks
The most amazing and safety masks to protect from COVID19 is Washable Safety Masks. People used these masks for air pollution, but due to the recent threat from coronavirus, these masks are also in high demand.

4. Reusable Masks
The main benefit of these masks is that it can be reusable after using it for the first time. There are a lot of options and varieties also in these masks.

coronavirus Filter Mask
coronavirus Filter Mask

5. Disposal Mouth Masks
Disposal Mouth Masks are meant for single use only. If you don’t have any masks and you are going outside, in that case, you can use these masks and throw them after a single-use.

6. Cotton Face Masks
The most common and widely use masks are Cotton Face Masks. It can be used at any time and can be washed also after using it. Ideal for kids and old aged people, this is widely used masks in the country. It is widely used in COVID19 rise cases also.

7. Sanitizers
With the rise of coronavirus in India, the demand for sanitizers is also raised. The so-called branded sanitizers are also not found in the market as the demand rises suddenly in the country. Here are some online best selling sanitizers that can be used from the protection of coronavirus.

a. Hand Sanitizer Ampoules Single Use Rinse-free Waterless

b. Hand Cleanser Sanitizer

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