COVID-19 Effects: Urdu Media employees worse affected, seeks Special ‘Language’ Package

Due to the COVID-19 tremendous effects, India faces huge challenges in all the job sectors. The first coronavirus then country total lockdown called by Central Government, has snatched country’s many jobs and the worst affected are the migrants or the laborers. Many big Industries and Corporates have temporarily shut down their operations while some of them were closed forever. The developing country India’s every sector has been worse effected and the Media Industry especially the print media has been forced to layoff some of their employees due to a sharp fall in the circulations of their newspapers.

Talking about Media, according to the Indian Readership Survey, there were 42 crores and 50 lakhs newspaper readers in India and among them, most of the newspapers are easily manage to gain nearly a crore new readers every year. But due to the current scenario, the circulations and advertisements- the main source of newspapers’ income, has noticed a sharp downfall. Most of the newspapers are circulating only 20 percent of their circulation that means flat 80 percent has a worse hit.

Due to this pandemic and lockdown by the Government, the newspaper based on minority language Urdu is badly affected. Employees who are directly or indirectly involved or worked with such newspapers or its digital media platform were expelled by their Company and were forced to die due to starvation. Like other Media, Urdu media is not so well organized and progressive and this causes a huge loss to this media and for them also who were directly connected with it.

As per the reports, there are no institutions or organizations in India that work for the betterment of the Urdu language. Earlier, the Linguistic Minority Commission (CLM), the only Commission which works towards the better future of Urdu language under the Ministry of Minority Government of India has been abolished. Now the language runs its literacy program under NCPUL which is funded and controlled directly by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

After losing jobs due to COVID-19, there is a huge demand by the Urdu media employees seeking support from the Government. Employees working in daily/weekly/fortnightly and monthly Urdu newspapers and magazines printed from different states of the country and the workers working in the Urdu news website asked for special packages relief. The Urdu Designers, Typists, Correspondents, Co-Editors, Editors as well as the owners of the Urdu newspapers asked the Government to assist them to reestablished this industry once again into full fledge.

The employees from the Urdu media urges the Government to come forward and help them. They have demanded from Government to form a Committee and provide funds or aid their industry so that it can be reestablished. They also asked the Government to provide Special ‘Language’ packages help for Urdu media to make it run again.

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