Depression, Anxiety, Lower Life Satisfaction Linked With COVID- Says World Famous Lancet Study

The Preface

More and more of us are drastically altering our daily routines as countries implement restrictions on movement as part of efforts to minimize the number of people infected with COVID-19. It takes time to adjust to the new reality of working from home, being temporarily unemployed, homeschooling kids, and not having physical touch with other family members, friends, or coworkers. It can be difficult for all of us to adjust to lifestyle changes like these, manage our fear of being sick, and worry about those close to us who may be especially vulnerable. For those suffering from mental illnesses, they might be very challenging. This post is including all the facts associate with Lancet Study regarding COVID-19 issues and related factors like Depression, Anxiety, Lower Life Satisfaction. Read: Health Tips: What You’ll Need to Start Jump Roping for Weight Loss- How to Do It

Maintaining our mental wellbeing

Fortunately, there are many things we can do to take care of our own mental health as well as those of others who might require additional care and assistance. We hope you will find the following hints and recommendations helpful.

Keep up with

Pay attention to the suggestions and counsel offered by your local and national authorities. Keep up with the most recent news from @WHO on social media, as well as reputable news sources including local and national TV and radio. Read Also: Pregnant Women Are Safely Protected By COVID Vaccinations- What The Statistics Say?

Have a schedule

As much as possible, maintain everyday patterns; if not, establish new ones.
Wake up and sleep at regular intervals.
Maintain good personal hygiene.
Eat wholesome meals at regular intervals.
Regular exercise
Set aside time for working and resting.
Make time to engage in activities you enjoy.

Reduce your newsfeeds

Reduce the amount of news that makes you anxious or agitated that you read, watch, or listen to. At certain periods of the day, or once or twice a day if necessary, look for the most recent information.

Social interaction is crucial

Keep in regular contact with your loved ones through the phone and online if your movements are restricted.

Drug and alcohol abuse

Reduce your alcohol consumption or refrain from drinking at all. If you’ve never drank alcohol before, don’t start now. Refrain from utilizing drugs and alcohol to deal with your fear, worry, boredom, and social isolation. There is no proof that alcohol use can prevent viral or other diseases. In fact, the opposite is true because alcohol abuse is linked to a higher risk of infections and less favorable treatment outcomes. And remember that using drugs and alcohol may prevent you from taking the necessary precautions to defend yourself against illness, such practicing good hand hygiene.

Using a screen

Recognize how much time you devote to screens each day. Make sure you give yourself regular breaks from screen time.

Game consoles

While playing video games might help you unwind, it can be tempting to spend far more time than you should while you’re at home all day. Maintain the proper balance in your everyday schedule when it comes to offline activities.

The internet

Use your social media platforms to share uplifting and inspiring stories. Wherever you notice false information, correct it.

Assist others

Offer assistance, such as assistance with grocery shopping, to those in your neighborhood who might need it.

Don’t be prejudiced

Fear is a common response to uncertain circumstances. However, fear can also manifest itself in ways that are harmful to other people. Remember:
Be considerate. Don’t treat people unfairly because you are concerned about the COVID-19 virus spreading.
Don’t treat those who you suspect may have the coronavirus unfairly.
Avoid prejudice against healthcare professionals. Health professionals merit our esteem and appreciation.
People from numerous nations have been impacted by COVID-19. Don’t blame any particular group for it.

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