Digital World, a blessings or bomb for young generation

Nowadays, people get more addicted with the digital world. This happened due to those idiots’ sorts of mobile, internet, computer, etc. Without this things life in the earth is of no use. As, people were not able to think to have a life without mobile, internet, etc. In today’s world, society is especially influenced by show than to have the substance in front of it.

People were actually bound with different advertisements which is promote by celebrities in order to gain attention for this add to help in the growth of the company and also for business transactions of the products. More the production of the products of the company more will be the profit. So, for this they use celebrities as the ordinary people thought that if they use this then they would going to be gorgeous like them. They blindly follow the instruction given in the add but they don’t actually look into the information given in the packet that particular skin could bear this product. This is how most of the people have skin infection and other such problem. They don’t know that their actual beauty is always depended on make-up. And there is the fact that nothing is better than the natural look.

 So, the last thing is that society should always believe on the substance present in front of it rather to believe in show.

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