How Dropbox Passwords App or Tool can tighten your account security.

Dropbox, the online data storage app has recently launched a private version of its beta version password manager app. This app is on testing mode and available for few users only on an invitation basis at Google Play Store. As per the news coming, the app is equipped with the standard password managing tool to provide more security to its users. It is designed in such a way that it can provide more and more security to its users with any error and bugs.

It is also said that the Dropbox app has the feature that will provide the ability to auto-fill login credentials – username and passwords on various services/websites. Not only that, but the app will also have some extra and much-needed features like the generation of a strong password and synchronization of passwords across various devices.

The Company has designed the new beta version app to keep their users safe from the hackers. According to the news, all the passwords in the new beta version app will be stored in zero-knowledge encryption so that the passwords can be accessed by the users only.

Why Dropbox is thinking about its user’s safety much?
Dropbox is thinking about its user’s safety much because the Company faces a huge data breach in the year 2012. The private details of around 68 million users were compromised and sold online. After that, the Company forced its users to change their password in order to secure their accounts.

Coming to the point that whether the users will be required a separate username and a master password for the Dropbox Passwords app, the news related to this is expected to come very soon in the market.

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It is not yet confirmed that the Dropbox Passwords app or tool will be available for all its users or to the selected users who have to buy these extra features. But the news is coming in the market that it can be available to the paid subscribers only.

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