How to Download E-Shram Card Online in 2023


At present Indians are quite worried about e-labor card. This is a very useful card for those who are not in government service. If this is done, a certain amount of money will be credited to your bank account every year. That is why almost all Indians are focused on doing this. But to do this you have to wait in a cyber cafe with a lot of lines or crowds. From today’s article you can learn how to download this card online from home. Let us now pay attention on E-shram Card Download Online in details.

How to: E-shram Card Download Online in 2023: Step-by-step Method

Now we will tell you exactly what methods you can follow to download e-Shram Karti online at home. So let’s focus on our main discussion. Follow the steps to make sure of Eshram Card Download.

Step 1: First go to Google Browser and search the official website of the Ministry of Labor, Government of India. Then click here to enter e labor. The registration option will open in front of you.

Step 2: You must first provide your mobile number to register this card. When you come here, give the mobile number which is linked to your Aadhaar card.

Step 3: Then an OTP will come to your mobile number which you have to enter correctly here.

Step 4: Then you have to give your Aadhaar card details of police station number here.

Step 5: One more OTP will come by pressing your registered mobile number and you have to enter it in the space provided.

Step 6: You will then see that you have created a profile and it is displayed on your screen. A download option will appear for the registration you have made for this card. You can click and download it.

Step 7: As soon as you click on the download option, a picture of your e-labor card will be displayed in front of you.

Step 8: Now another download option will be shown from where you can download your e-labor card directly.

These points will help you to get the answer against your frequent query- “श्रम कार्ड कैसे डाउनलोड करे?”


We hope that today’s article will be very useful to a large number of readers. This article is very useful for those who want to avoid this impossible crowd of cafes and get the job done at home. So don’t delay, listen to the work now and download your e-labor card.


How do I download my Eshram card?

To begin, go to, which is the direct URL to the e-SHRAM portal. After that, you must open the home tab, which is located on the home page. So, below the home tab, you’ll see the “Download UAN Card” option.

How do I download my e Shram UAN card?

e-Shram Card Download Online Apply – Step-by-Step Guide
1.      Go to e-Shram portal –
2.      Then you need to click on “Register on e-Shram” on the home page of the portal.
3.      Subsequently, you will be redirected to a separate “Self Registration” page.
4.      You will have to enter your mobile number.

How do you do online Eshram? to apply for an E Shram Card online in 2022 by state: As we all know, the Indian government launched the E Shram site at to create Shramik Cards for Indian labourers and workers. As a result, you can apply for an E Shram Card 2022 online at and receive a Shramik Card.

How do I check my e Shram card?

If employees do not receive benefits, they can check their status on the official website, To take advantage of the benefits, make sure the E-Shram card and all other details are up to date.

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