What I Wish Everyone Knew About Earning From Google Maps

Google Map Store Listings, there is globally a lot of local business such as a Café, Pizza Store, and any other business listed on Google Map Store Listings. But there are a lot more stores also that are not yet listed on the Google Map Store Listings. Among them which are listed, after the Google new updates, they are not yet updated. So here lies an opportunity for those who are seeking for part-time income to provide service to the above said business owners and charged a good amount for their services.

What is Google Map Store Listings?

Google Map Store Listings are those listings that a business owner does for their business to help their customers know or advertise about their local business. It is an online process where anyone who owns a business can do it by themselves. There are a lot of benefits to lists a business in Google Maps.

What are the latest updates of Google on Google Map Store Listings?

As we discussed above that most of the local businesses in the world especially in the developed countries are listed but after the Google new updates, they don’t reverify their business. Where Google had recently announced that it will close all that listings that are not yet verified their full information with the latest updates till now. (Visit Google Support for latest Updates related to this announcement)

How one can earn from these listings?

So the questions arise about how you can earn good money from service. Well, the simple answer is, just go to Google and find local stores of any developed countries. After searching it, just checked that their local business is showing “Suggest an Edit…..Own this business……Manage this listing.” If you find any one of these above said results on any local business store page, it means they are not verified or listed. It may happen that they don’t provide their full information with their latest updates. Here is the chance to earn money from them by approaching them to make their listing updated for them.  

How to find the contact details of the local business holder?

The other questions arise that how will you contact them to provide them the service. Well, the answer lies from where the questions started, you will get their contact details such as email id or phone number from that listings as well where you got the information that their business is not yet verified. So what are you waiting for, find such business owners, and contact them to start your online income with ease?

How to approach them after getting their contact details?

After getting their contact detail such as their email id, you have to approach them professionally and tell them that you are an expert who can easily solve this issue for them. You can also say that you are a professional expert and can deal with that issue with ease for them so that they can rely on you and give you the offer to do that job for them.

How to write a killed email pitch to grab a Google Map Store Listings deal from local business owners?

To grab the deal, you must write a killer pitch to the local business owner and tell them that you are an expert who can solve this for them. Here is a sample or a demo killer email pitch for your part-time income. Just make some changes in this mail and customized according to your need and send it to your clients

Hi There,
How are you?
This is (your name) from (your country). I am writing this mail to inform you that your business (mentioned their local business name here) might be in danger. Recently I was searching on the internet and I found your store name listed on Google Maps.
Everything looks fine on your store, except one thing and that is your Store online Verification.
I think you are now aware of this thing that Google is removing all those Store Listings to its search results which are not yet verified.
If this happens to you, your store or business, you will lose a huge amount of traffic.
Therefore, my intention for writing this mail to inform you that, I am a freelance professional expert. I can help you to make your listing get verified.
If you want to know more and have a detailed discussion, then reply me back as soon as possible.
Thank You

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This is the way or a simple trick on how to earn from Google Maps. Good Luck!

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