Education……a key to success

Education is the best key to success in life. It makes the people lead his life successfully and easily but it is also difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave. Many people in the earth don’t get the opportunities to get an education but those who get the chance don’t use it properly. Nowadays, education is very essential in our life to exist.

Education is such that when the children will get interested will be addicted to studies and look to nowhere else. As nowadays, educated people have a huge status among each other that could able to bit and be highest in the class. To stay in this world everyone had a competition among each other. Everyone has to be educated to stand in their position. Lack of education among the poor and the downtrodden make them vulnerable to economic and political exploitation. They also want an education but they can’t because they are unable to afford it.

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Education of the masses is necessary to safeguard our independence for it would enable the masses to exercise their franchise without fear or favor. This would indeed make them the master of their destiny. In short, it would make them civilized, cultured and good citizens of a proud country.

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