All you need to know about Facebook Picture Transfer Tool to Google Photos

Facebook, the biggest and widely used Social Media in the world has globally launched its photo transferring tool to Google Photos. Yes, the portal has launched this on last year December that provide the facilities to its user to transfer their photos and videos to the platform like Google Photos. In April 2020, the Social Media giant has launched these services in countries like the US and Canada also. So in this post, we will learn how to use these features to get our photos and videos to our Google Photos.

The photo-sharing tool which is a part of Facebook’s Data Transfer Project was first launched in Ireland and after that, it was provided to the users of countries like Latin America, the Asia Pacific, the EU, the UK, South East Asia, and Africa. Now after launching in the US and Canada also, Facebook made this tool globally available.

How to transfer photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos through the Facebook Pictures Transfer Tool (Online).

The tool made by Facebook is simple and easy to use and can transfer your all data i.e. your photos and videos to your Google Photos. To use the tool, open your Facebook account (same process both in Desktop and Mobile version) and go to the settings and follows the instructions below.

Step 1. Under settings, you will find options like “Your Facebook Information”, Click it, and then select “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.”

Step 2. In the next step, you will be asked to put your Facebook login id password and then you will get an option to select
Google Photos from the dropdown menu.

Step 3. Then Google will ask your Google password to continue further and after filling your password, you will be asked to grant permission to transfers your data. After that, you will get a notification that you are all done. Enjoy.

The transfer will take some time depending on your internet connection speed and the quantity of data that you have in your Facebook account. When the transfer starts, the Activity section will show you a message like “pending” and when the transfer is happening, you will get a message like “in progress”. Once all the transfer will be done, you will be notified by Facebook via mail that the process has been completed.

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Note: You will find all your photos and videos in Google Photos under the album named “Copy of [Facebook album name].”

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