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Voice recorder for video is the way to make a video especially when you don’t want to show your face on camera. Most of the newbies are scared to face the camera and they make a video by doing voice-over or recording voice. After the voice, they put the video and over there and publish their videos.

Why a good voice recorder is needed?
So making a normal video or for Youtube will be very easy when you have a good voice recorder. Here the need for a good voice recorder came when you want to show your talent to the world. A good voice recorder will not only perfectly record your voice, but it will promote your content and skills to the next level.

Which one the good and why?
There is a lot of voice recorder App available on the internet as well in the App Store. But among them, which one is the best and why it is termed the best one. Let‘s analyze it one by one.

How to record a voice like a Professional?
There is two most common and best app on Google Play store that works and record voice like professionals. Yes, this is true. I have personally used both the app and believe me they are just mind-blowing to record voice for video.

Let’s Review and Compare Lexis Audio Editor and RecForge II App one by one and will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each of them.

Play Store Voice Recorder App: Lexis Audio Editor
Download on Play Store: Click Here
Price: Free
Ads: No ads display

This is the most famous app from Play Store and it is most common in the video makers. You can record like a pro by this app and use anywhere for your content. It has the perfect sound output which increases your video quality.

Live Samples of Audio quality: Lexis Audio Editor If you want to check the audio quality of the app, you can check my YouTube channel #indiandiaries, where all the voice overdone on my channel has been recorded by the help of this app only.

Features of the App
You can get a lot of options in this app like import or mix sound, put some effects on sound, cut-copy, and paste any audio from your gallery. Not only that, but you can also easily trim your audio, remove the background noise, and much more from this app.

Plus points
The best things are that this app is free and it doesn’t display any ads on its platform.

In my opinion, this is the best app where one can record their voice. If any plan to use a voice recorder, it is the best choice on Play Store. Go have it?

While using it for a long time, I am pretty much satisfied with it. I didn’t find any difficulties or errors while recording voice. So, in my view, it is an errorless app to record your voice

Play Store Voice Recorder App: RecForge II
Download on Play Store: Click Here
Price: Free
Ads: Yes, ads are displayed in this app
Version: Latest Version

This is also another great app to record your voice. This is the second most famous and popular among the video creators. Like Lexis Audio Editor it has also a huge fan following who uses this app and is pretty much happy with it.

Type of audio quality: RecForge II
I haven’t used this app much, but as far as I have used it, it is good and can be ideal for those who didn’t like the Lexis. I have to use this app for a few more days to say it fully on the audio quality of the app. But in the first use, I can say that it is good and one may use it.

RecForge II App Features Like Lexis, here also you can get a lot of options and customization to improve your audio quality. The app has some basic features like cut, crop, and merge audio along with time-stretching options also. There are some more options and features also.

As far as I have used the app, I have found that this app is playing ads that are sometimes very irritating while recording while audio. Apart from that, the app is good and can be used to record audios.

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In a nutshell, I can say that among both the app, Lexis is the best one in all aspects. Lexis has all the features and works on all your needs and the most important one is that it is ads-free.


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