Garbage to Gold- Vellore Srinivasan Waste Management

Cows, Cocks, Frogs, and Worms are the best friend and the helper of the Vellore C. Srinivasan (Project Director) Management system. So what’s unique in that? Srinivasan’s project from Garbage to Gold is the perfect solution for this century.

He engaged all the above-said animals in the work that they are created from nature without any demand in return.

In Srinivasan Vellore Model all animals do their work 24 hours a day and don’t demand any payment from them. According to the model, everyone’s work is set and they do according to their schedule.

Ducks and the chickens start doing their work from the early morning while night duty is for the frogs and the maggots (worms). They all work the whole day 24X7 to convert the garbage into gold. This is a brief introduction to Waste Management.

This is the process through which Srinivasan creates gold from nature without any huge investment. For this process, he just smartly uses the raw material to create something that usually takes a lot of time to make.

What is the Whole Concept?

Srinivasan is an expert in solid waste management and he brings the idea of garbage into gold. According to him at the source segregation techniques, the garbage can be converted into a useful resource that can generate money too. For the same reason, he has developed a waste management model and names it Vellore Model of Zero Waste Management (ZWM).

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Under this model, he appoints Cows, Cocks, Frogs, and Worms to eat the daily waste garbage like vegetables and other eatable garbage and then convert this waste via excreta into a useful resource that can further generate revenue also. Let’s explain his concept one by one.

Fastest Way to Create 100 Natural Fertilizers

According to Srinivasan, this is the fastest way to get fertilizer in the world. Srinivasan believes, no machine or any other process can create such a fertilizer so fasts. This fertilizer is very useful for fielding and farming.

According to him, if fertilizer is made with the bacteria process, it will take 45 days to be a complete fertilizer but in this process, the pure fertilizer is ready within less than 72 hours by using the waste of the vegetable markets without much expense.

Other Animals Used for this Process

The non-eatable items that are not given and are not good for cow Srinivasan put them into the compost pit where maggots will come out. Maggots are the favorite food for the chickens. They eat maggots and lay more eggs the next morning.

But Srinivasan knew well that chicken will not work in the night and for this reason, he appoints frogs and worms. Srinivasan has the perfect solution for his work and knew well that at that time who will work for him.

Ducks for this Process

Srinivasan under his Vellore Model uses ducks to eat the leftover or thrown stinky fish from the fish market. This leftover fish is a headache for the Municipality, but these are the favorite fish of the ducks.

His men collect those fish from a fish market area every 3 hours and put in front of ducks. They just eat the whole fish within 15 minutes.

As per normal circumstances, ducks lay 8-10 eggs monthly but due to their favorite food, they give 20-24 eggs per month. Is it sound amazing.

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He used to keep 11 female and one male duck in his process as more number of a female will lay more quantity of eggs.

This is the process through which Srinivasan creates gold from nature without any huge investment. For this process, he just smartly uses the raw material to create something that usually takes a lot of time to make.

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Srinivasan is working on this process to Coimbatore Gram Panchayats and some other Panchayats also.

He has a full-proof plan for the city like Mumbai and Delhi also. He believes in putting the unused garbage into solid and solution form. Srinivasan told not to mix all garbage into one place or bag as it is difficult to differentiate with each other.

He said that this process is self-sustainable and can convert your garbage into an amount from that you can buy daily a newspaper for you.

By this process to convert the garbage into gold Srinivasan won many achievements and awards. We hope that we will soon see Srinivasan in our town to clear our locality garbage into gold.


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