General Rules & Regulations in Singapore for a Traveler

There are a lots of general rules and regulations which should be follows to avoid heavy penalty and jail in Singapore. It is well known for its tough laws in the world for example having or chewing chewing gum will coughed you 1000 Singapore Dollar. Let’s discuss some of its general rules to save ourselves from such harassment when we travel in Singapore.

If you are a traveller and when you will land in the Immigration counter you will be given a paper that should be kept properly and must be returned while leaving Singapore. It is fully well maintained and an organized country. All the streets and roads are full monitored with CCTV’s Cameras.

So if you through anythings on the road or street you will be fined of 300 Singapore Dollar throwing any garbage or any things on plants and trees will costs you 300 Singapore Dollar and even if you kick these plants of trees will costs you the same.

These are all termed as crime by heavy penalty. The most common habits of everyone are spitting and smoking, will make you pay here 1000 Singapore Dollar. All travellers must also note that eating and making the public transport dirty will also costs you. You will have to pay the penalty of 500 Singapore Dollar.

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The above mentioned rules are for reference. If you want to visits Singapore, then reads all its rules and regulations before going there to avoid any huge penalty and jail.

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