How to Free Up Space in Google Drev (Drive) in 2022?

Many of us rely on cloud storage to keep track of crucial files and papers. Although Google offers you 15GB of free storage in Google Drive, there is a catch. The 15GB of capacity includes space for Gmail and Google Photos in addition to the stuff you upload to Drive.

The storage space is shared by all emails and attachments sent or received through your Gmail account as well as all of the original-quality photographs you upload to Google Photos.

The 15GB space may quickly run out depending on how you utilize it, at which point you won’t be able to receive emails. Here in this post you will get all the information on How to Free Up Storage for Documents in Google Drive. Have a look.

Your Google Photos and Gmail accounts share the same storage space on Drive. Here’s how to free up space on your Drive in case you go over your 15GB limit.

The Preface

How to make more room in Google Drive

When your Google Drive storage reaches its 15GB limit, you have two options: upgrade to Google’s premium plan or delete files. The second option is free and takes just a few minutes, however the first one will cost you money. Here’s how to delete everything from Google Drive:

Step 1: You may view a pie chart showing how much of your storage is consumed by Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos by going to To view the breakdown of the used space on a mobile device, press the hamburger menu button in the Drive app > Storage > View details.

Step 2: If Drive is using the majority of your free space, you should proceed to clear the Drive storage:

*Go to to get a list of every file stored on the Drive, sorted by size, in decreasing order.

*Choose every file you want to delete.

*Move them to the trash and after that permanently remove them from the trash

Within 24 hours after you finish clearing the space, the removed things will appear in the space that is still available in your Google Drive account. Read: Google: It’s all about Sending Email with an Expiry Date Through GMAIL

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Clear the space on Google Photos and Gmail

You must also delete Google Photos and Gmail if they are occupying too much space on your Drive. For infinite storage space in the Photos app with Google Photos, it is preferable to switch your images and videos from “Original quality” to “High quality.” Also Read: How Google fight against COVID-19 | Nearby Spot | PM CARES | Google Pay | YouTube | United Way | MoHFW |

In Google Photos, navigate to Settings and select “Recover storage” to reclaim the space that has been eaten by recent uploads.

The Closure

To see all the emails with attachments larger than 10MB on Gmail, type “has: attachment larger:10M” into the search box and press search. You can change the digit to your desire to locate and delete large email attachments. Don’t forget to empty your Trash folder as well.

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