Google: It’s all about Sending Email with an Expiry Date Through GMAIL

Email or electronic mail is a process through which we can exchange messages by using our electronic devices. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson invented and developed the system through which users on different hosts were able to send mails between themselves. The @ symbol is used to link with the server and the user name. Emails are operated with the help of the Internet. Renowned mail generating service Gmail is developed by Google. This costs no charges, yes this is free.

Google has changed some security matters. It introduces a new feature that is users will be able to send an email with an expiration date. It hardly takes a few minutes to create emails with an expiration date.

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Steps of Sending Emails with an Expiration Date

On your mobile go to Gmail > click on Compose > click on the three-dotted icon > Confidential mode. Similarly, on your computer, go to Gmail > click Compose > then click on ”Turn on confidential mode.”
Then set an expiration date for 1month/ 1 week/ 1day. The user will not choose an hourly-based option for setting emails with an expiration date.

The user is also required to set a passcode. It can secure the emails. If the user chooses ”No SMS passcode”, then emails will open directly and there will be no requirement of any passcode. But if the user goes for ”SMS passcode”, then they will receive the passcode through a text message. The Gmail users must give a valid contact number. After all, this process has been done click on save. Now the user is eligible to make emails.

What about non-Gmail recipients?

Here some points have been discussed what can be done by the non-Gmail users, as it may help you in setting email with an expiration date.

Gmail is associated with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) messaging system. Gmail aligns the main body of the message and attachments with a link. SMTP is considered a standard electronic mail (email) transmission.

If you are a Gmail user then you will receive the mail like a normal message in Gmail. And if the recipient is not using Gmail then the message will be shared by the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) link which is a confidential way of messaging.

So that it can be said that if you are going to send a mail which is about to expire a trace will be left there. The authentic content may go away since it is sorted. Though, surely, the characteristic does not wipe away the whole documents you have communicated with the recipient.

Where does the email actually disappear from?

If the email reaches the expiration date then it can disappear from the inbox of the recipient or from the folder it has been saved.

Do expiring emails disappear on the sender’s end?

Not actually. The emails with an expiration date cannot be deleted. It must be stored in the sent mail’s folder. If don’t want to trace the mails again then you should permanently delete them from the sent box.

It can be assumed that emails with an expiration date are going to be an active feature in the shortcoming days. In that case, if an email is deleted from a side then a piece of online evidence could be saved in the other place.

If the email expires from both the recipient and sender’s end then what can be happened?

This question can be rise very casually in our mind. Well! According to Google when someone deletes the mail from the sent box it can be stored in the Trash for 30 days. After this period the mail will be erased from the sender’s side permanently.

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The emails with expiring date will not get removed from the sender’s profile, not only that it can be seen in the ”Sent” folder. The user has to remove the expiring email by themselves.

The user can send emails, files, and other attachments confidentially through Gmail from both cell phone and computer. The user must be known that after the expiry date of emails is set, it will not be copied, forwarded, or printed. Not even downloaded.

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