Google News Site Approval Technique that Changed Your Blogging Life Forever

Google is the best place to get the best promotion of your website and owners of the websites are continuously searching for the latest way-outs to bring better traffic to the sites. Google News Site Approval can be one of the best ways to achieve more priority for your content.

In the previous period, some steps must be followed to get Google News Site Approval. But in the recent past, from 2019 Google has changed its norms to be listed in Google News. Google has now allowed being placed with their contents on the News tab by searching. The list will be dependent only on the quality of the contents and bound to be obeyed the content policies of Google News.

It can be said that in the recent phase the Google News eligibility is more effective than that of the past. You just need to know the facts regarding the process of how to get Google News Site Approval with top position. Here you will learn some tips on how to get the top rank in the Google search. If you really want to get better traffic to your website then this article is for you.

What is Google News?

We need to know first what Google News is. Anyone can be Google News Site Approval with unique and engaging content. It is a computer-generated search engine that accumulates new stories and frontlines from numerous sources from all over the globe. Google uses it to display the contents according to its relevancy, preferences, freshness, interests, and authority. Anyone can easily access the Google News at

Now the main points being listed in Google News can be discussed.

  • The functionality of the search bar (typical use of search engine).
  • Filtering (news type- classic, modern, headlines, or compact).
  • Side navigation (functionality of fast topic filtering).
  • Weather app.
  • Information based on preference and location (displays the local news due to preference).
  • Editors’ picks.
  • Top stories (national and international big events).
  • Suggested for the user (news based on the user’s frequent search).
  • Industry.

Why it is good for websites to get Google News Site Approval ?

Well, the obvious answer to this question is the websites are genuinely interested to be listed in Google News. The reason behind it is Google News significantly provides increment in branding, helps to enhance visibility and traffic that are directly related to increasing the sale and result of the brand.

Realistically the answer can be more complex. It is due to-

  • It can be considered that near about 60% of people keep trust in Google News.
  • The trust compiles with desired outcomes for the betterment of your business.
  • Google News makes the bridge between advert (pre-click) and website (post-click).
  • Many businesses listed in Google News can make more effective recent and future content.

If you are investing your money and time in your website’s betterment then it is obvious to have the greatest return from it. Apart from that, your content can make a quick entry in the section of top stories by the competitive searches.  So being listed in Google News a real necessity to the website.

How to get into Google News?

You should follow the guidelines to be listed in Google News.

General Guidelines

Content Types

  • Content must be high time relevant.
  • Content should be interesting to the Google audience.

But some content written on the topics such as weather, job adverts, and advice or stock prices cannot be enlisted into this category.

Originality & Readability

  • Content should be authentic and free from plagiarism.
  • Content must be very engaging and well-written.

Expertise & Trust

  • Contents included with industry-leading expertise have the probable chance to be listed in Google News.
  • Content must have a clear opinion related to the field.

Technical Guidelines

  • Google uses algorithm-based processing which can result in very satisfying while crawling and discovering articles.
  • Several traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors are associated with Google News.

You have to ensure the following points:

  • URLs and anchor links of the contents must be unique and perpetual.
  • Contents must be provided in HTML format only as JavaScript, PDFs and other types will not be crawled or displayed.
  • The hosted domain of the content needs to be accessible by search engines.

Quality Guidelines

  • If you are not sure about your content’s quality then have a look at Webmaster Quality Guidelines.
  • To maintain your content’s quality make sure that your content has the basic requirements such as variation, depth, opinion, trust, expertise, and statistics.

Google News Tips

Several tactics can be helpful to get a rank in Google News. Here some of them are mentioned.

Doing the basic well: After being listed in Google News you have to make sure plenty of things such as-

  • A unique subfolder (for
  • Every news story should include an URL that reflects the content topic.

News Sitemap: You have required a unique sitemap for Google News Site Approval. For this, you will be able to make a control to match the Google criteria. Apart from that the sitemap also can speed up your success rate.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): AMPs are the versions of web pages that have been clean out all types of non-text contents and slow down them.

Submitting your website: While the website is ready to be submitted then customize the section of your publications. Your site will be displayable after submitting as it will be listed in Google News then.

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So, it can be concluded easily that to be Google News Site Approval is a must requiring things for the sake of your website and business as well. It is Google sponsored aggregator service to maintain the fluency of news and content that are generated from countless publishers daily. It is also available in apps and can be trusted purely.

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