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Hackers the multi-brain power, have to be highly intelligent. They are actual computer experts who spent most of the time behind the computers who tried to break the security of networks, web servers, e-mail servers, etc. They keep on ready whenever they found a weak network and try to hack the servers.

Hackers while hacking they use a darknet because they cannot use direct internet for hacking. If anybody understood and tried to trace out the location of a person who is hacking it will be impossible to trace. All illegal had been done through this method.

Black marketing, weapon dealing, child trafficking, terrorism, drugs, etc all done through the darknet. From our user ID, they got our phone number and they tried to hack and take out all the information like the message, bank transaction OTP from there they got one date when the message coming from the bank is blocked.

During this time they steal all our money, phone calls, personal videos, and photos that they forward and get a huge amount of money for this work. So, by this method, they spoil half of the people’s life. Many people post their photos along with their family and friends, personal videos in the social media to which the recent generation is very attracted.

What will you learn?

  • What is Hacking?
  • How Data is stolen in Hacking?
  • Which types of information compromised by Hackers?
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So, before submitting any type of information about yourself like e-mail id, etc be sure that it does harm yourself. You should be careful enough about the place you are submitting your documents. And we should also try to post fewer photos of you and your family because they could steal away half of the information about you through the information given in the social media.


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