Healthy Heat Tips Tricks: Stay fresh and lively this Summer

The season of summer is closing, so we need to change our diets and routines to tackle this prickly heat. It not only requires a good diet but also a change in skincare for maintaining hydration. The sudden change of weather can affect the body in many ways and make it vulnerable to various kinds of diseases. So here are some rules and tips that can be followed to ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle during this warm season.

• Though the warm weather of summer can give us relief from the chilly winter, it also brings various diseases such as heat stroke, dehydration, skin rashes, jaundice, and many more. To avoid this we need to choose a healthy lifestyle and a good skincare routine.

Hydration, the key to surviving this Summer

•Hydration is the main key to stay fit in the summer. During the summer, the body gets dehydrated quickly, so drinking more fluids would help the body to get rehydrated and it will ensure the proper functioning of the body and brain. So it is suggested to drink a minimum of 8to 10glasses of water for rehydration of the body.

Healthy Meal and decreasing the portion

•Another key factor to staying healthy during this summer is eating healthy and lowering the intake of food. In the heat or in the warm season, it takes a lot of time for the body to digest the meal, and eating too much oily food can cause various diseases as the body is not being able to digest the food properly. So it is suggested that avoiding oily and heavy food will ensure the proper functioning of the body. Taking light meals will help the body to digest the food easily.

Eating healthy will also help to maintain your body during this summer. Eating more hydrating foods such as watermelon, cucumber which have a high level of water will maintain the hydration level.

It is also suggested to prefer seasonal vegetables and fruits during the Summer.

• To maintain a healthy diet, we also need to stay away from the outside food as it may contain various bacterial diseases which may lead to bacterial infection and harm our body. We also need to restrict the intake of caffeine because it may lead to dehydration of the body.

Planning the Vacation without catching the Heat

• It is also advised to stay indoors during the day to avoid heat which may often lead to heatstroke or other casualties such as sunburn, skin rashes. Any activities outside during the daytime should try to be avoided.

Traveling during the Summer

Despite the warm weather, this season is also ideal for vacation. So here are some tips to be followed to avoid the unbearable heat and have a healthy and safe journey.

Using Eye Protection during this Summer

• Along with a healthy diet, we have to protect our body from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. So it is advised to wear sunglasses and use proper shielding clothes to protect the nose and the face.

Ultraviolet Rays and their effects on the Eyes and Skin

Sunglasses are advised to wear when outside during the day because the eyes are the most sensitive part of the body and the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause harmful damage to the eyes which may lead to vision loss. So wearing good quality sunglasses is necessary while outside during the Summer.

Apart from the eyes, protecting our skin is also necessary, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the skin barrier which may lead to various skin problems such as sunburn and skin rashes.

A sunscreen having The SPF 50 or more will protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and in case we receive a sunburn, washing your face immediately with cool water Is advised to treat the affected area and apply some cream which has the properties to treat the sunburn such as calamine.

• As the season is warm, we need to accessorize properly to tackle this heat. Wearing dark colors should be strictly avoided as it can make our bodies sweat profusely.

While wearing light colors during the summer is advisable and clothes having natural fabric such as cotton and linen is advisable as it will not make our body warm. This will also help to avoid having skin irritations which are very common during summer. Other accessories such as umbrellas and sunglasses must be used to cover our eyes and body to protect them from heat.

• Apart from this, we also need to maintain a hydrating skincare routine because due to excessive heat during the summer,our skin becomes oily due to the sweat and it often causes breakout and various skin disease like acne and pimple.

Therefore to maintain healthy skin during this Summer, washing the face frequently is advisable to maintain the hydration of the skin. Using a good face wash is also necessary.

The season of Summer also brings a various number of diseases and health problems. Some of the common diseases are jaundice, measles, sunburn, heatstroke, skin rashes, etc.

Avoid Bacterial Infections

• Heatstroke during summer is very common in recent times, it is caused when the body is overheated. It usually happens when the body is exposed to the sun/heat for a long time, it may also lead to vomiting, nausea, rapid, and sometimes headache.

• Sun Burn is also a very common reaction to the skin while being exposed to the sun for long intervals of time. It may cause dark spots, wrinkles and in severe cases, it may also cause skin cancer.

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Though the season of summer brings a lot of lazy days, it also has some major disadvantages to physical health. Therefore it is advised to follow the tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the Summer.

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