Healthy Tips for Kids Skin: How to feel Energetic- Fresh in the Morning

As the saying goes, “Morning shows the day.” Whether it may be true or not, but it cannot be denied that morning is the most important hour of the day. Therefore, you need to take special care and attention to make the day begin smoothly in the most energetic manner. The well-known Cardiologist and Internist Dr. Willie Ong, have discussed certain tips in a video on YouTube. He has discussed how to begin your day with. According to him, these tips will help you feel energetic and healthy in the morning. Those valuable tips by Dr. Willie Ong are discussed below:

Sleep well

According to the doctor, if you do not sleep well at night, you will not be feeling well and energetic in the morning. A sense of sleepiness will enshroud you all the time. Most of the average adults need around 7-9 hours of sound sleep at night. You must ensure to sleep early and enjoy a good night’s rest.

Do not stand up suddenly upon Waking Up

This can be the cause of several accidents. If you stand up quickly you might get dizzy, fall, and become unconscious. The doctor suggests that upon waking up, you should make it a point to do things slowly and deliberately.

Gently stretch your Arms, Legs, and Neck

The doctor says that you must ensure that your body is fully awake before you sit down and stand up. The stretching helps in better blood circulation with a smoother blood flow thus making you more alert. Young people might be unable to understand this fully, but as you grow older, you will begin understanding the importance and the relevance of stretching.

Men must Urinate While Sitting Down

He says that men should pass the first urine of the day upon waking up in the sitting position. This is especially important for older males. There is an ailment called “micturition syncope”, where some people tend to lose consciousness as they begin to pee. This is a reflex action. You must be careful enough not to fall and hit your head.

Drink Water

You should drink one to two glasses of warm water after waking up. This helps in hydrating the body that may have gone dehydrated throughout the night. This is the reason that our first urine color is dark yellow, which is a sign of mild dehydration. Drinking water will ease the digestion process, flushing out toxins from the body.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. Therefore, it is advisable not to skip breakfast at any cost. A healthy breakfast will provide you with the necessary energy you need to work and study. You should eat a well-balanced meal consisting of proteins and healthy carbohydrates.

Wash your Face

As you wake up in the morning, you should wash your face with soap and water. This helps in reducing pimples and oiliness of the skin. Coldwater also wakes you up better.


You must brush your teeth on waking up. Healthy teeth and gums are essential factors of grooming and good health. Careful brushing will also remove bad breath and morning breath.

Move your Body

Ideally, you should do certain stretching and/or other light exercises in the morning. A brisk walk improves brain circulation and alertness.

Read inspirational quotes

This is a very refreshing step to energize and lift your mood, mind, and body with words of wisdom and positivity. It will also ensure that you begin your day with the right attitude.

Be Thankful

Take time to appreciate the blessings in your life—family, friends, and all the things that you enjoy. As you begin your day share positive words and energy with the people around you.

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Following these simple yet powerful tactics will surely lift your mood and energy to a considerable extent. It will provide you with the necessary positive energy and mindset for facing the challenges that the day has in store for you and come out in flying colours.

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