Traditional vs. Modern: Navigating the World of Hindu Baby Boy Names


While choosing a modern name (Hindu Baby Boy Names and Meaning) for your baby is exciting, it’s important to consider the meaning of the word you chose. This is because a child’s name has the potential to affect his or her personality. As a result, many people consider variables such as the child’s stars, ancestors’ names, and even the deities they worship.

Here in this piece of writing, we are going to share a number of good Hindu Baby Boy Names and Meaning or best newborn boy names with appropriate meaning to assist you in your search.

Hindu Baby Boy Names and Meaning

The name can be traditional, but not overly so, and new, but it must be timeless. It’s not easy to pick the perfect name for your baby boy or girl. So, if you’re looking for a name for your son, we’ve compiled a list of Hindu Baby Names with Meaning— both traditional and modern — for you to choose from this year.

Names Meanings
Aarav – Peaceful; Sound; Shout
Baadal – Cloud
Chahit- Love of Heart
Daakshit- Lord Shiva
Daanish- To be clever; Full of knowledge and wisdom; Merciful; Intelligence; Consciousness
Gagan- The sky
Ihaan- Leader, Pioneer
Aahan- First ray of light, dawn, sunrise
Parth- Ruler, star
Aakil- Intelligent, smart

Hindu Names

Can’t settle on a name for your baby? Take a look at our list of exclusive Indian Baby Boy Names Meaning, which includes both traditional and modern Hindu names.

Names Meanings
Kiaan- Ancient or king
Mahir – Expert
Nadin- Lord of rivers
Onir- Shining
Viaan- Full of life and energy
Ivan- Leader, royal or regal
Reyansh- Ray of light
Aryan- Noble
Ishaan- It is another name for Lord Shiva, and means ‘the sun’ and ‘harbinger of wealth’
Ridhaan- Searcher

Hindu Baby Names 2021

So, if you’re about to embark on the journey of parenthood and still can’t think of a unique name for your child, here’s a list of Hindu Baby Names that might come in handy:

Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Meanings
Daksh- Precious son
Simar- Meaning ‘God’s favorite’
Adwait- The word itself means unique, making this one of the most unique Hindu baby boy names
Yash- Fame
Zian- Self-peace
Dhvan- Humming
Nehal- Handsome
Aahir- Dazzling
Vihan- Dawn
Laksh- Destination

So, your little one has arrived or is on its way. The subject of discussions between the expecting parents and their extended family is deciding on the perfect name for their baby girl or boy. Here is a list of Lovely Hindu Baby Boy Names. It would be easier to choice from them.

Names Meanings
Rahi- Traveller
Neel- Another name for Shiva, it also means passionate
Aahva- Beloved
Aadiv – Delicate
Aarav- Wisdom
Aadvik- Unique
Aakav- To develop
Ashvik- Blessed and victorious
Atiksh – Wise
Aastik- Who has the faith on God

Baby Boy Names

If you’re looking for a Hindu baby boy name, we have compiled a list that will provide you with a wide range of choices regarding baby boy names.

Names Meanings
Bhuv – Sky
Bodhi – Awakening
Charvik- Intelligent
Dasya – Gift of God
Daiwik – Divine
Darsh – Competent
Gian- Master of knowledge
Idhant- Luminous
Kabir- Saint
Kahaan- Lord Krishna, universe

Baby Name Meanings

Here we are sharing several good names to assist the would-be parents in their searches. Have a look at the following list and select the best one with Baby Name Meanings.

Names Meanings
Kiyansh- With all qualities
Krishav – Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
Luv- Son of Lord Rama
Manan- To reflect
Naksh- Moon
Nimit- Destiny
Nirved – Gift by god
Pranit- Humble
Pahal- Beginning
Pranay- Romance

Indian Baby Boy Names

Every parent strives to give their child the best name possible, one that carries significance. Not only should the name have a perfect sense, but it should also sound fantastic. So here we are suggesting few Good Indian Baby Boy Names.

Names Meanings
Rachit – Invention
Reeyansh- First ray of sunlight
Ridit- World known
Rishit- Learned
Rushil- Charming
Sadhil- Perfect
Sarthak- Well done
Shivansh- A portion of Lord Shiva
Taarush- Conqueror
Takh- Lord Ganesha

Boy Names

We’ve compiled a list of the best boy names to help you narrow down your options. If you’re looking for a special and new name for your Indian boy, look no further than our list of the top Indian baby boy names meaning.

Names Meanings
Viransh- strong
Viraj- resplendent
Ved- sacred knowledge
Yug- era
Yuvaan- full of life
Zayan- beautifier
Zuber- pure
Aabheer- A cow herd
Aadarsh- It is a variant of Adarsh and means ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’
Aadavan- In Sanskrit, it means ‘the sun’. It is also the name of Vishnu

Baby Name Hindu

It’s now easy to find a lucky baby boy name by the list beneath. We have an up-to-date list of Baby Boys Name Hindu. Please go through the list and select the best one accordingly.

Names Meanings

Aadesh- It is a Hindi word meaning instruction or guideline
Aadhan- Be first
Aadhinath- It means ‘˜first’
Aadhith- It means ‘first’
Aadhunik- It means new or latest
Aadidev- The first god
Aadimoolan- Being Extreme, Dominant or supreme
Aadipta- Sanskrit meaning Blazing up, Set on fire, splendid, brilliant etc…
Aaditey – Relating to God of sun, Son of Aditi; Crown flower plant
Aaditya- Sun

Indian Boy Names

Are you searching for Indian boy names? Here you can find a full list of Indian Hindu Boy Names and their meanings.

Names Meanings
Aagam- Coming, arrival
Aaghosh- means to embrace
Aagneya- Son of the fire
Aashish- Blessing, Blessing of God
Aalok- In Sanskrit, it means ‘enlightenment or light of divinity’.
Aamil- One who is invaluable
Aamod- Pleasure
Aanand- Joy
Bandev- God of nature
Bankim- Crescent; Lord Krishna; Curved

Hindu Babies’ Name

Finding a special and fitting Indian boy name for a newborn baby has never been easier! We’ve compiled a list of the Best Newborn Baby Names to help you narrow down your options based on your preferences and requirements.

Names Meanings
Bhagyesh- Lord of luck
Bhairab- Formidable; Another name for Lord Shiva; One who vanquishes fear
Bharat- Descended from Bharat; Universal monarch; Clever; Race; A demigod and brother of Lord Ram; Fire; One who fulfils all desires
Bhavik- A devotee of God; Devout; Worthy; Happy
Bhavneet- Moral of the world
Bheru- Friend
Bhesaj- Lord Vishnu; The healer; Who cures the disease of birth and death cycles
Chand- Sincere wish; The Moon; To shine
Chandan- Sandalwood; Auspicious; Perfumed
Chetan- Intelligence; Perception; Spirit of life; Vigour; Life

Baby Names Hindi

We are sure that you will enjoy the following list of Baby Names Hindi and will find a name that is right for your little guy.

Names Meanings
Daipayan- Who is born in an island
Daivat – Luck; Powerful; Divinity; Heart of the God
Dakshin- South direction; Clever; Competent; Talented; Sincere
Daljeet- The conqueror of forces; Victorious army
Damanjeet- Victory over suppression
Dana- Learned; Intelligent; Grain; Wise; Another name for God
Jabaar- Giant or almighty.
Jagadeep- Light of the world
Jagannat- Lord of the world
Jagatjeet- Victorious of the world

Are you looking for a unique name for your baby? Hindu baby names can be found in abundance in the Vedas and the Purans, which you can use for your newborn prince. Here is a list of Appropriate Baby Names in Hindi.

Names Meanings
Maalin- One who makes garlands; Wearing a garland; Crowned; Gardener
Maanav- Man; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind; Human being; Pearl; Treasure human being
Maanik- Ruby; Valued; Honoured; Gem
Madhumay- Consisting of Honey
Madhuwant- Sweet like Honey
Naasik- Pious; Devotee
Nabeel- Noble; Generous
Nabhan- Noble; Outstanding
Saadhik- Winner; Pious; Proficient
Saadhin- Achievement; Work

Indian Hindu baby names

A proper name will not only add meaning to your baby’s life, but also shape his future. From A to Z, we’ve compiled a detailed list of special Indian Hindu baby names and names influenced by Hindu mythology.

Names Meanings
Saagar- Sea; Ocean
Saahil- Sea shore; Guide; Shore; Bank
Saahith- Bounded
Piyan- Guitar
Raagav- Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God
Pomesh- Success
Raahil- One who shows the way; Traveler; Path guider

New born baby name

Have you recently welcomed your little prince charming into your life and are looking for some unique Hindu baby boy names for him? If you really want to give him a special Indian new-born baby name, take a look at our list of the baby boy names and choose the best one for him.

Names Meanings
Saaket- Lord Krishna; Having the same intention
Poojan- The ceremony of worshiping
Raajan- King; Royal
Saalan- One of the Kauravas
Poojith- Worshipped
Rabnit- God is regulator
Saamant- Bordering; Leader; Universal whole; Near; Omnipresent

If you’re still searching for a special, interesting and meaningful name for your new-born, check out our list of the top baby boy names, complete with meanings, to help you choose the best name for your infant.

Names Meanings
Saavan- The fifth month of the Hindu year; One who offers a sacrifice to God; Rain during monsoon season
Pooran- Complete; Successors; Momento; Abundant
Rachit- Invention
Arijit- Who has defeated the enemies
Radhav- Lord Krishna, Beloved of Radha
Sampat- Prosperous; Wealth; Fortune; Success; Welfare
Pooranjot- Perfect light
Rasaraj- Mercury
Rajat- Silver or courage

Hindu boy names

The challenge of naming your little bundle of joy is probably the most perplexing because there are so many choices! Here are few good options on Hindu boy names to help you.

Names Meanings
Samrat- Emperor; Universal; Ruler
Porush- Powerful
Rasbhagat- Elixir of lord’s light
Samreet- Fighter of love and truth
Praakrit- Nature; Handsome; Natural
Rasdeep- One who cherishes the elixir of naam
Rajdeep- Best of kings
Samurah- Name of a distinguished Sahabi (RA)
Pourab- East

From your relatives, friends, and family, you might have got a slew of ideas, or as they claim, top baby boy names. And that would have left you in a state of bewilderment. Here is a list of baby name in Hindu that can be helpful to clear your confusion.

Names Meanings
Rajendra- King
Rajendra Moha- King
Samvid- Knowledge
Prabal- Coral; Strong; Powerful
Rajit- Decorated; An object that gives light, And never stops doing so
Rajiv- Achiever; Blue Lotus
Sanantan- Brave lion
Taahir- Pure; Chaste; Clean; Modest; Holy
Taaj- Crown; The Taj Mahal
Tadbir- An effort; From Zafarnama

Hindu names for boys

It’s time to give your little angel a name. In India, regardless of society, a child’s name would be a cornerstone for the future. So select the most significant Hindu names for boys from the below list.

Names Meanings
Sandeep- A lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze
Prabanjan- Air
Tagore- Gyani (Knowledgeable)
Naabhak- Belonging to the Sky
Yaachan- Prayer; Entreaty
Sanjaan- Creator
Prabas- Lustrous; Rebel Star
Talav- Flute; Musician
Yaadbir- The brave who remembers God
Prabhat- Dawn, Morning; Brilliant

Best baby boy names

Your baby boy will grow up to be a handsome adult, and the name will become a term of endearment for the parents. The name will also have various meanings and interpretations, which will influence the child’s personality. So take an influential from the best baby boy names given bellow.

Names Meanings

Prabhbir- God’s brave warrior
Naamchetan- Aware of naam
Yash Raj- Victory; Glory; Fame; Success
Prabhchet- Absorbed in God; Remembering the Lord by heart
Yashameet- Fame
Naarayan- Lord Vishnu; Refuge of man
Yashdip- Success; The light of glory
Prabhjit- Love of God; God victorious; God’s triumph
Yashjeet- Glorious victory
Taksh- King Bharat’s son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood

Hindu child names

There are a plenty of modern Hindu child names to choose from, making what can be a challenging task much easier for parents. Here are a variety of choices to choose from, along with their definitions, to keep you occupied and assist you in making your decision.

Names Meanings
Nabarun- Morning Sun
Prabhmeet- Friend of God
Yug- Era or age
Yudit- Natkhat (Naughty)
Nabeeh- Noble; Famous; Eminent; Outstanding
Prabhoot- Large quantity
Yukt- Prosperous; Yoked; United; Attentive; Skilful; Clever; Proper
Yuvraj- Prince; Heir apparent; Young
Takdeer- Of great fortune; Destiny; Fortune; Luck
Prabhrang- One who is colored by Lord’s Love

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There are countless names to choose from. Hopefully, the above selection of the Hindu Baby Boy Names and Meaning would be a good help at your searches regarding baby boy names. Choose the best name according to the meaning and that suits best with your family and believes.

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