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What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who works remotely for other independent business owners by taking some charges or fees as their service fees. He is responsible to work for him and provide task them online. This is a type of service under which a lot of services are offered by the assistant.

What are the services of a Virtual Assistant?
Virtual Assistant can offer a bunch of services for their clients such as managing Calendars, making Appointments and Calls, handling Emails Accounts and of course, works for your Social Media also.

How to reach the clients who will give you Virtual Assistant jobs?
If you have some knowledge in managing Calendar, Appointments, Calls, Emails Accounts, and Social Media and you are willing to work as a Virtual Assistant, then you have to approach to the clients directly. The best way to reach the clients who will give you the VA jobs is to mail them.

How to write and pitch clients to hire you for Virtual Assistant?
In this post, you are going to learn how to pitch your clients for a Virtual Assistant job and start earning from scratch. You will be guided on how to write the email and target your clients to get more jobs and increase your earnings.

Here is a sample email on how to pitch clients to hire you as a Virtual Assistant for their works.

Hi (client’s name),

I hope you’re having a great day so far! I love getting your newsletter every week and congratulations on your new project! (if the clients started any new project then only). That’s exciting, and I hope everything is going well with that.

Who We are? (Describe yourself or your Company)
We XYZ.com, are the most trusted and respected IT, service provider, since (Date…if you are starting a new job then remove since). XYZ feels the pride to say that we are USA Based & Managed Virtual Assistant Company (if you have a VA Company otherwise say, individual). As a highly cost-effective & customer-oriented company, we are our client’s favorites. We offer services for a variety of business operations such as (the sector or category in which you will offer services) Insurance, Real Estate, Healthcare, Medical, Media, Retail, etc. Our only motto to work dedicatedly, serving more than expectations!

How can I help you?
I wanted to let you know that I have some availability in my schedule if you’re looking for someone to help you with your (what services will you offer to the clients, mention here) Calendar, Appointments, Calls, Emails Accounts and of course your Social Media. At XYZ we have a full result-oriented team to tackle your ( if you offer some more services then write like this) Real Estate Virtual Assistance Services, Bookkeeping, Web Development, Content Writing & your Digital Marketing works. I would love to help you out!

What are Our Packages? (Little explain about your package)
Hiring Assistant was never so easy and economical, but we make it possible and pocket-friendly also. So what are you waiting for, hire an assistant at a discounted rate of $ 8.95 per hour only (if you give a discount to attracts the clients) and saved 25% instantly? Hurry! This offer is for a limited period only. Grab them before it gets expired.

Our globally satisfied clients (showcase your expertise and believed them that you actually, satisfied your customer)
Our highly cost-effective & customer-oriented services featured us in The Sunday Times, Newsday.com and The Washingtonpost also (if your works featured in these newspapers otherwise omit the sentence). Click here to watch what our some the happiest client says about us: (Paste here your Youtube Channel Link if you have made it……even if you are new in VA jobs made a Youtube channel, it will make a great impression to the clients as video works a lot)

Reach Us (Tell your clients how they reach you)
Do you have any questions? Feel free to send us an email at support@xyz.com (you can give your personal Gmail also, but a professional mail put a good impression on clients, so try to build new professional email id before pitching to clients) or schedule a time to talk on the phone or Skype! (mention your
Skype id, if you don’t have any id, just made them because it is natural clients will talk to via video call before giving you work) You can also call us on (give your phone or landline number, but try to get a new business toll free number for the clients). If you have any queries or doubts, live to chat with us by visiting our above-mentioned website.

Referrals (ask for their help to someone who needs right now)
If you know anyone who could use our help, I’d love it if you could pass this information along. Thank you so much!

Warmly, (Closing)
Your Name

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Digital World, a blessings or bomb for young generation

In order to send a killer email pitch to hire you as a Virtual Assistant, What you have been learned until now in this post?

  • What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
  • What are the services of a Virtual Assistant?
  • How to reach the clients who will give you Virtual Assistant jobs?
  • How to write and pitch clients to hire you for Virtual Assistant?
  • What are Packages to hire a Virtual Assistant?
  • How to Reach to hire a Virtual Assistant?
  • What are the virtual Assistant Referrals?

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