Viral Video: How a Jaipur Pakoda Selling Vendor Make Street Food by Diping Hand in Boiling Oil, Watch

When cooking pakodas, a street food vendor from Jaipur put his palm into boiling hot oil. On social media, the video has gone viral. Take a look on the entire story here.

We are talking about the Street Food Viral Video that has gained a huge appreciation recently in social media. Maybe you are thinking that how one of the Street Food Vendors of Jaipur, Rajasthan can attract the view of millions of people in a very period? It is really captivating, please check it out.

In a very short time, a news item has gone viral on social media. A Pakoda seller in Jaipur, Rajasthan, who runs his business in a small shop on the street, did a strange job of getting him a million views very quickly. This Pokoda seller makes Pakoda in a special way by dipping his hands in hot oil. A blogger from Mumbai made this video and went viral on Instagram. And finally this Pokoda seller is seen doing Pokoda tasting in this video. This story is going to become the biggest Food Trending Video these days. Please don’t miss the fun, the video link is just here in below.

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  1. What is the famous street food of Jaipur?

    Dal, baati, churma, the famed signature Rajasthani cuisine, is served in practically every restaurant in Jaipur, be it a fine dining establishment or a roadside dhaba. Dal is a yellow lentil curry, baati is baked bread with desi ghee on top, and churma is a sweet dessert. All three are combined and served together.

  2. What are popular street foods?

    Aloo Tikki, India's Delectable Street Food
    Bengal's Puchkas, or Tiny Bombs.
    Aamchi Mumbai's Famous Vada Pao.
    Gujarat's Dabeli.
    Lakhanpur De Balley is a Jammu and Kashmir-based band.
    In Delhi, Momos reign supreme as the King of Street Food.
    Karnataka's Akki Rotti.

  3. What is the national food of Jaipur?

    The signature food of Rajasthan, Dal Baati Churma, is available in Jaipur at a very reasonable price. Dal is similar to a light curry or soup, whereas Bathi is a delicious fluffy and packed baked bread, and Churma is a flour and sugar sweet.

  4. What is Jaipur famous for?

    Jaipur is known as India's Pink City and serves as the state capital of Rajasthan. Rajasthani traditional jewellery, traditional fabrics and handicrafts, as well as traditional Rajasthani cuisine, are all popular in Jaipur.

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