How a Maharashtra man dropped 100 Kg In 10 Months With Double Muscle Workouts, Know More

Why is being Overweight Harmful?

Being Overweight makes a person obese and an obese person is sure to suffer from various physical and mental disorders. Apart from high blood pressure and diabetes, an obese overweight person who suffers from heart, kidney, and liver ailments loses bone density and becomes arthritic.

The lifetime risk of an obese person is more as there are chances to be affected badly by cancer.

When an obese person is going through severe humiliation for having a particular look and being overweight, what inspires him/her is inspiring weight loss stories. Apart from a strict weight loss diet, an overweight person needs to be constantly motivated in his/her struggle of hectic workouts to lose weight and become fit.

Obesity can give rise to sleep apnea, a disease where a person stops breathing for a short period while sleeping. Sleep apnea increases the risk of heart and diabetic ailments.

The Inspirational Story of Junaid

Here is the Weight Loss Story of Junaid Jamadar from Maharashtra who lost 100kgs in 10 months with Double Muscle workouts and a strict Weight Loss Diet.

Name: Junaid Riyajahamad Jamadar
Occupation: Hotel industry
Age: 26 years
Height: 5.11 ft
City: Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra
Highest Weight: 207.3 kg
Weight Loss: 100 kg
The duration is taken to Lose Weight: 10 Months

Being Overweight was a curse, Junaid says, as he used to be laughed at by people and humiliated for the type he looked. He was extremely overweight for his age and his obesity told upon his health. He couldn’t fit into every type of clothes, and His father, who supported him at every phase of his life, stood like a pillar with him and motivated him to lose weight and become fit. It was for his father’s support and cooperation that Junaid decided to get rid of his obesity and become fit.

Home-cooked food is the best way to keep health in check. An appropriate amount of oil and spices keep it healthy and control obesity.

Soon, Junaid started with a healthy lifestyle of proper and extensive workouts along with a Weight Loss Diet. You will be inspired by Junaid’s Weight Loss Story.

Junaid’s Diet Plan

In his Weight Loss Stories, Junaid maintained a rigid Weight Loss Diet along with a Double Muscle workout. This is what his diet chart looks like:

Breakfast: Boiled Eggs, 1 Orange
Lunch: 1 Roti, 200 Gram Boiled Chicken, Salad, Buttermilk
Dinner: 200 Gram Boiled Chicken
Pre-workout diet: 1 Apple, 5 Almonds, 2 Walnuts
Post-workout diet: Protein Scoop, 3 Egg White.

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On his cheat days, Junaid had Biryani, Punjabi Dishes, South Indian Breakfast, and ice cream.

Chicken is one of the best ingredients in a diet chart. Chicken is rich in Protein, Niacin, Selenium, and Phosphorus.

Junaid’s Workout Schedule

Junaid began to follow a Double Muscle workout every day. He also practiced Cardio with a free Hand Workout for several hours.

Monday: Shoulder and Thigh exercise
Tuesday: Chest and Tricep exercise
Wednesday: Back and Bicep exercise

For people aspiring to Lose Weight, Junaid suggests a 10-15 mins walk and a cup of green day for healthy metabolism before going to bed. Along with a Weight Loss Diet and workout, he suggests a healthy and disciplined lifestyle while sharing his Weight Loss Story.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated?

Who doesn’t want a fit and flexible body? Nobody wants to be overweight and let his/her decayed by obesity. The best way to keep yourself motivated is to see your body lose the extra mass. That is possible only through a Weight Loss Diet and severe exercise. The weight loss stories you come across are seriously effective in real life if the procedures are followed strictly.

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How can I lose weight fast?

Nothing works better than excessive workouts if you want to Lose Weight. But a strict Healthy Diet, filled with Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals is necessary to Lose Weight fast.

How can I Lose Weight in 7 days at Home?

Follow the following steps to Lose Weight in 7 Days:
Fix a goal.
Add Nutritious Food to your Diet.
Skip Carbohydrates, Sugary and Fast Foods.
Make a Strict Exercise Schedule
Drink a lot of water.

What are the 9 Rules to Lose Weight?

Severe Exercise.
Stay Hydrated.
Add Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals in a huge amount to your Diet.
Avoid Carbohydrates, Sugary drinks, and Fats.
Avoid Smoking.
Avoid Alcohol.
Don’t Skip Food.
Add Carbs to your Diet.
Say no to Junkies.

How can I Reduce my Weight Naturally?

Home-cooked food filled with lots of Proteins and Vitamins is the best. You should cut out on Junk Food, Carbohydrates, Fats, and Sugar intake. Having your food on time, drinking lots of water, and having a healthy Metabolism is the best way to lose Weight naturally.

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