How a Special Fat-Burning Kadha helped this Guy to lose Weight 13 Kilos in 25 Days

Shantanu Chattopadhaya, a bright young IT professional faced the weird but common problem of gaining weight. His sedentary lifestyle was the main cause. Here we are going to have an amazing weight loss story. According to an interview published in the Times of India, a magic kadha helped Shantanu to lose 13 kilos in 25 days.

1 Here the Weight Loss Journey Starts:

Shantanu amazing weight loss journey started during the second lockdown period and he lost almost 13 kilos within 52 days.

Shantanu Chattopadhaya gradually gained weight but didn’t realize the gravity of the problem. He started facing health issues due to his excessive weight as he had already reached 80-kilo club.

His love for sweets and junk started giving hurdles as breathlessness and back pain. He realizes the immediate change of lifestyle and inclination towards a healthy lifestyle is his priority.

Name: Shantanu Chattopadhaya
Occupation: software engineer
Age: 32 years

2 The bolder Hit:

Being a software engineer I have to follow a sedentary lifestyle. I have to reach the office within 9 am and usually skipped breakfast. I was a late riser so couldn’t find enough time for morning workouts and proper breakfast.

Besides that, I am a foodie and can’t take my hands off the street food and junk. At the third point of time, my conscience told me that I was on wrong track. I felt an urge to do something effective for a great transformation.

When the lockdown was announced, I thought this was the perfect time to go for it. I started to work out every single day and followed Intermittent Fasting to lose weight.

03 Weight Managing Diet:

Early Morning: I start my morning with the magical homemade kadha. This is made by boiling Bay leaves, turmeric powder, black pepper powder, black salt, ginger, lemon slices, tulsi drop in lukewarm water for a few minutes. I need to skip breakfast to follow the routine of Intermittent fasting.

Balanced Lunch: to control the carbohydrate percentage I completely cut off white rice and wheat flour chapattis. I also lower the consumption of oil, sugar, salt, potato and food items that contain starch. So my lunch is like:

1) soaked sprout+ 4 almonds+ moong dal chilla+a big bowl of Vegetables and Fruits Salad
B) 2 Boiled/ 3 egg white Omelette (with a minimum of Oil) / 3 water poached eggs + a big bowl of Vegetables and Fruits Salad
C) sprout Soup + 3 Moong dal chilla/pour 1 bowl (with minimum Oil) + 3 Eggs Boiled or water poached

Dinner: As light as possible dinner and must be finished within 8 pm. It used to be mostly light, such as Boiled Vegetable Salad + chilla + One big bowl of Soup.

Pre-workout Meal: plenty of water and juice

Post-Workout Meal: the magic kadha as early morning
Usually, people have one cheat day but I didn’t have any. My aim of losing weight was my priority. My magic weight loss journey was complemented thoroughly by the magic kadha.

4 Diet Rules which Worked for you?

There are some more rules which I followed strictly along with the diet chart:

-Stopped consuming junks

  • stopped buying and consuming packaged food
  • cut off table salt, sugar, and white rice
    -Stop having any sort of packaged or fast food and street food
    -Drink 3-4 liters of water per day
    -Complete my Dinner by 8 pm.
    -have plenty of green vegetables, plenty of salads in both meals.
    -check on Carbohydrates, fats and increase protein intake and whole grains.
    -Never keep me starved or long gaps between meals

5 Workout and Fitness Secrets

Since it was lockdown period I enrolled with an online trainer to continue my workout routine. My magic weight was the most important part of my loss journey.

Fitness Secrets my Trainer Unveiled :

With the help of my family and my physical trainer, I always stay positive to make things possible. From the magic kadha in the early morning to green tea before bed, they always keep my morals high and keep me motivated. Skipping, planks, cardio, and walking are key workouts that kept my fitness on track.

6 How do you Stay Motivated?

In the beginning, it seemed very tough to go and keep me on the right track. But I need to keep my thoughts on a high note where no loose ends should be made. The first week was the hardest part of my journey. To change my usual food habit along with my lifestyle was tough.

Being a late riser it became really painful to wake up early for workouts and then stay away from cream coffee or malai chai. But gradually I noticed the transformation in myself. It was more inspiring when I start getting compliments from friends and family. I enjoyed shopping for myself this time.

I dropped two sizes and it was cool to see myself in the mirror of the shopping mall. This time the size and clothes I always wanted to. It feels awesome to see the transformed me and this time complimenting myself.

What’s the most difficult part of being Overweight?

The toughest thing about being overweight is having severe back pain and breathlessness. Always being hungry and munching potato chips to get rid of boredom is another painful habit to get rid of.

How to Stay Focused?

Being particular about daily routine is the keyword for being focused. I will never deviate from my path, whatever the consequence may be. Sometimes I lost hope but my family supported me so that I stay motivated. End of the day it is my journey that became my lifesaver.

7 Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I want to be physically fit and want to build a strong physique. I will be continuing my routine with the help of my trainer as he will the needful changes in the exercises and diet chart. I have a long way to go to reach a point I want to touch.

What are the Lifestyle changes you made?

I changed some major things in my life. I left rice, sugar and lessen the intake of starch and carbohydrate. Increase protein intake, do regular exercises, and drink 3-4 liters of water.

What was the Lowest point for you?

It’s really painful for me when I see people around me are indulging in delicious, yummy food while I was dieting. It was a real was challenge for a foodie like me.

Every day was a new challenge and a new goal for me. Every morning a new thought and new motivation. I started watching motivational videos to keep my tempos on.

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8 Lessons learned from Weight Loss:

My magical journey to lose weight doesn’t only about fitness and a good look. It taught me the wholesome approach to life. It taught me patience, endless effort, and positivity.

We can never lose hope and keep our efforts on to achieve our goal. Magic is not a word it’s your inner feeling to keep yourself going to reach your goal.


How can I lose weight fast?

There are a lot of ways to lose weight. But it is suggestible to use non-side effects ways to lose weight. You can easily Google to find out How to lose Weight?

What are the 9 Rules to lose weight?

The 9 Rules to Lose Weight are as follows…Be mindful. Mindful eating is half the battle, Eat breakfast, Eat more protein — wisely, Don’t cut out carbs, Speaking of vegetables, Reduce your alcohol intake, Don’t ignore calories completely, Use the “power of the pause”.

What is the secret to weight loss?

The Secret to Lose Weight is that you have to live a lifestyle that has you ingest fewer calories than you burn.

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