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How Google helping India to fight against the deadly COVID-19
At this time when the world is facing a huge effect and many deaths from COVID-19, the world’s biggest search engine Google is helping many like India also in fighting against it. It has started various steps and took tremendous news measures to create awareness among the Indians against the virus. In this article, we learn how Google acts as a guard in a fight against deadly coronavirus.

What is Google Nearby Spot?
To help Indian, Google has launched ‘Nearby Spot’ under Google Pay. With the help of it’s a user in Bengaluru can see local stores selling essentials like groceries that are open, amid the lockdown. The Nearby Spot will be launched by the search engine in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune. The Company says in a blog post,”With the lockdown and social distancing norms in place, digital payments have become more important than ever and Google Pay is an additional surface to provide key information regarding COVID-19,”.

Spots help to raise money for Emergencies fund
The company has launched the COVID-19 Spot on Google Pay that aggregates all pertinent information on the topic, sourced directly from the Government of India, Health Ministry. This Spot also helps users donate to PM-CARES Fund or NGOs such as SEEDS, Give India, United Way, and Charities Aid Foundation. These are working towards the procurement of protective equipment for medical workers and relief for lockdown-impacted daily wagers. Company clears it stands and says, “Donations to PM-CARES on Google Pay have thus far collected over Rs 105 crore and continue to grow,”.

Google uses its various platform to fight against COVID-19
Launched last year, the Spot platform allows a business to create a listing for the Google Pay app which, in turn, offers a customizable branded experience for that business. Google said it has taken several steps in India to help bring authoritative and reliable information to people, and provide features across its products that can be helpful during these trying times. According to the blog, Google says “We have upped our work to curb misinformation across various platforms and prominently surface the latest updates and health advice from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and international health authorities across Search, Maps, YouTube and the COVID-19 Spot on Google Pay,”.

Youtube helped the Government to spread an awareness message
Across YouTube’s homepage, search, and recommendation systems, Google is elevating authoritative information sources such as the Health Ministry and WHO, driving users directly to these websites for trustworthy and reliable information. “YouTube has also launched a Coronavirus News Shelf on the YouTube Homepage, which provides the latest news from authoritative media outlets regarding the outbreak,” the blog noted. Besides, Google is also removing reported videos that violate YouTube’s community guidelines, including those that discourage people from seeking medical treatment or encourage the use of unsubstantiated remedies to treat COVID-19.

Launched COVID-19 India website to aware the mass
Google had last week launched the COVID-19 India website that collates updated information, as well as live statistics, into a single, easy-to-access resource. It is available in English, Hindi, and Marathi for smartphones, and in English and Hindi via Google Assistant for KaiOS feature phones. It will be rolled out soon in several other Indian languages, the blog said.

Google uses its other platform like Google Maps Google Assistant
Besides, Google Maps, Search, and Google Assistant are also indicating the locations of hundreds of food and night shelters set up by the government across the country to help people, especially the millions of migrant workers returning to their hometowns, or stranded in the cities without a source of income or food. Google said it has collaborated with the Health Ministry to run a public service campaign to promote information from the Health Ministry, including educational video content featuring Amitabh Bachchan, across YouTube, Search, and Google Assistant.

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In short, we can say that Google has not only created mass awareness but also educated the Indians to fight the deadly virus. This virus is so harmful that it can take away many lives throughout the world. The developed countries like America are not also spare by these virus effects and it costs many lives there and the counting is still on.

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