How A Spanish Man Accidentally Chews Dead Rat Purchased from Super Market, Files Complaint Against Retail Chain

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Buying Groceries from the Super Market

Nowadays Super Market has become a common store in every cosmopolitan of the world. Super Market shopping proves to be extremely time-saving for the customers and makes almost all types of grocery items available under one roof.

Facilitating retail chain purchase, Super Market is very pocket-friendly as varieties of Grocery items, Vegetables, Frozen food, and other things are available at a cheap price.

But sometimes, Super Market shopping proves to be harmful to us. As it is a retail chain purchase, the items on sale, especially the frozen food items are kept for a long time. They are packaged and though the Super Market doesn’t sell expired items, at times the quality of the food falls due to poor storage.

Supermarkets are Self-Service Stores.

The Case of Juan Jose

Juan Jose is a resident of Spain. He is a regular customer of Super Market shopping from a French Super Market. The French Super Market he goes to is a popular store for retail chain purchases.

This Christmas, Juan Jose had purchased frozen vegetables from the chain of French Super Market. But while cooking the frozen vegetables and potatoes, he saw a dark object on the plate in which he was serving the cooked food.

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Although he felt suspicious, feeling that two eyes are staring at him from his plate, and some whiskers, he did take a bite only to find out that he was chewing on something awkwardly crunchy. Then he confirmed that it was not an artichoke but a rat’s head.

Super Market are large stores where we can buy items directly from the manufacturers at a low price.

Jose immediately complained to the French retail chain purchase store from where he bought the frozen vegetables. The superintendent of the Super Market shopping store said that they are looking into the matter and that they have contacted the manufacturer of the product.

He also commented that they will check every product of the manufacturer and course their storage because they don’t want to lose out on customers as the safety of the interest of the customers is their priority.

Super Market is located in areas of dense population to attract more customers.

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What should I buy from a Super Market?

One can buy any type of groceries and household items from a supermarket, starting from vegetables, fruits, cereals, and even frozen food items like sausages, salamis, and frozen vegetables.

What are the Advantages of Buying from the Grocery Store?

Buying from grocery stores is of great help for the customers as a variety of items are available together under one roof. The articles are cost affected and also save a lot of time.

What do Customers want from a Super Market?

Customers want to buy different types of groceries and household items under one roof and save their time to buy different items from different places. Thus customers prefer Super Market over normal grocery stores or markets because the Super Market also offers articles for sale at a great deal of price.

Why is Super Market so important?

Super Market is the best shopping area for the customers for the variety of products they sell at a very affordable price. Plus due to their location in densely populated localities, it is a facility for the customers to get a great variety of articles under one roof.

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