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After the outbreak of COVID-19, many people were unemployed and the Government decided to provide them with unemployment assistance. For the same, a dedicated Helpline and the official website of the Texas Government is working day and night to help them.

How to Apply for the Texas unemployment assistance due to the COVID-19 effect?

Process to Apply

Process 1

If you have the internet, just browse the

to know more about how to apply and put your claim in front of the Government.

Process 2

Many people will face difficulties and don’t have internet access also, for them the Government has the Helpline number. Just dial on that number and make a call to talk to the agent to put forward your claim to the Government.

Helpline Number: 1-800-939-6631 (Monday-Friday – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. central.)

How to logon to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)

After visiting the official website of TWC, just scroll down and click on “Logon” to log in to the website.

If your facing difficulties and don’t know how to logon, then read this tutorial for your help,

(Important Tips: If the website will not open or shows the message that “This site can’t be reached”, try it again in the or after midnight. This is because due to overwhelmed traffic on the website from all over the state by the unemployed people)

How to Submit an application for Texas unemployment benefits?

To get the unemployment benefits from the Government, unemployed people will have to submit their application to the TWC as soon as possible. To submit it, click on the below link.

(Note: If you face an issue like “This site can’t be reached”, it is advisable to try it again in the or after the midnight because the website are down these days)

If you are facing a problem and wanted to know more before making any submission, then click on this link to get information regarding unemployment benefits application submission.

One can apply for the benefits as soon as you are unemployed or underemployed because the Government will consider the claim only from the week the application has been submitted. It is also clear that unemployed people will not get any benefits for the week before applying.

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