How to Apply for UP Caste Certificate Online 2022 (यूपी जाति प्रमाण पत्र कैसे बनाये)?


Today’s post is for those people who live in Uttar Pradesh and want to create their own race certificate. Now there is no need to rush to public service centres because any work can be done completely online from home.

From our article today you will learn exactly how you can UP Caste Certificate Online Apply using your mobile or computer just by sitting at home and following very simple procedures.

Step-by-step discussion on the process of applying UP caste certificate online 2022

So let us know which method you can follow to make it easy for you to create Uttar Pradesh National Past Proof Certificate online at home. After the discussion you will certainly feel free for Apply for UP Caste Certificate Online.

Step 1: First you need to go to the Google browser and go to the website This is the Uttar Pradesh government’s own web site where you can find all such services.

Step 2: Go to the Citizen Login option and click.

Step 3:  The page that opens will ask you to provide some information. For example, your name or user ID, security code, OTP, etc. Fill them one after the other.

Step 4: Here you will be given an instruction option and you will have to fix it. Then a page will open in front of you which will tell you what kind of documents you have to submit here and what procedure to follow to apply for an ethnic certificate. You will read this page carefully.

Step 5: Then click to apply. You will then have a number of options in front of which you have to choose the race certificate option.

Step 6: Here you will be given both Hindi and English options, you can choose it at your convenience.

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Step 7: Then a page will open in front of you where you have to enter your personal information properly.

Step 8: After providing all the personal information you will be asked to know the Aadhaar Card number as your identity card. Enter the number correctly.

Step 9: Then you need to upload your photo instead of the photo in this form.

Step 10: Finally you will be shown some options like print or download. You can print it if you want, and if you don’t have that, download it and keep it.

Step 11: Then you can print the downloaded page. After a while you will receive your ID card which will serve as your ethnic proof.

We are sure that now you have the answer of your doubt on- “यूपी जाति प्रमाण पत्र कैसे बनाये?”

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Hopefully the whole discussion will prove to be very useful to many readers. So don’t delay, apply online today to get the ethnic certificate. Because if you have ethnic credentials, you can get the benefits of multiple facilities.


How can I apply online caste certificate in UP?

The procedure for obtaining a UP e-district caste certificate through the website Click on the link to obtain the UP e-district caste certificate application form. Fill out the form completely with the needed information. On the other hand, you should go to your nearest CSC and fill out an application form to receive a caste certificate.

How can I get caste certificate?

Step 1: From the home page of the Backward Classes Welfare Department’s website, select “Application for SC/ST/OBC Certificate.”
Step 2: On the next page, you’ll find the online application form.

Who issue caste certificate in UP?

Uttar Pradesh caste certificate is issued by the Revenue department of the Uttar Pradesh Government.

What is the validity of caste certificate in UP?

Uttar Pradesh Jati Praman Patra is valid for a lifetime unless the reservation itself is scrapped.

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