How to Change Address in Passport Online (Passport me Address Kaise Change Kare)?


We all know that passport is a very important thing that carries our identity. The passport is not only required for traveling abroad. It is also very important to have a passport for various other necessary government functions. But if there is a mistake in the passport, it may not work well for you. Or suppose the address in your passport is incorrect. If you change your address, someone will need to change the address in your password. Otherwise, you may run into problems. In today’s discussion you will find detailed information on the topic of How to Change Address in your Passport Online. So stay with us for full of the discussion.

Is it possible to change passport address online?

Yes friends, you can easily Change Online Address in Passport without going to the passport office and just sitting at home using the internet. Although we did not have such facilities before. However, we are currently benefiting from this opportunity. I hope this article will be very useful for you because you can find out here how to easily change the address of the passport online.

Step by step process to change the passport address online

Do you really want to you- “Passport me Address Kaise Change Kare?” Follow the instructions given in the below section of the discussion.

  • First go to Google and type passport.
  • Then first click on the link that will open.
  • Then click on the button that will be for new users.
  • Then choose the address of your nearest passport office.
  • Then you need to fill out a form where you have to provide some information of your own. For example, name, surname, date of birth, email address, etc.
  • Then click on the button that says register.
  • A link will open in front of you and you will have to click on that link again.
  • Then you have to give your ID number. And then you have to submit.
  • Your passport will be updated if you follow the entire procedure.
  • Then you need to go to the option to change the address and fix it. You must choose your state. Then you have to give your full address.
  • Here, too, you must provide all kinds of personal information properly.
  • You need to provide all the information of your family correctly.
  • Self means you enter the address given in your passport. And then you have to pay from the address from which you currently want to register.
  • After all the procedures are completed you will be asked when you want an apartment from the passport office. Let the date of the apartment be with you there.
  • You will need to provide the correct information regarding your bank.
  • Then you will know how much you have to pay to change the address of the passport.
  • Then you press the confirm button. And you fill out the options that will come for your online payment.
  • You will then receive a certificate that you can keep saved or print. You have to carry it along with you when you will go for the appointment to the passport office.

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We hope this article is very important for those who want to know about passport. If you need to change your passport address quickly, do it online without delay and then go to the passport office and get a completely new passport.


  1. Can we change address online in passport?

    You can apply for the process online, after that you have to visit the passport office for confirmation.

  2. What documents are required for address change in passport?

    Bank documents, Aadhar card no., PAN no., prove of DOB.

  3. How much does it cost to change address on passport?

    There is a certain amount that is also changeable according to the legal aspects. So check the official website of passport of Government of India for the exact amount on the present day.

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