How to Check Land Record of Bihar in 2022? Step By Step Process

The Preface

Bhulekh Bihar is a web-based database and viewer for managing and preserving land records in Bihar. Bihar attempted to digitise land records as part of the federal government’s National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP). Bihar Bhulekh’s official website allows you to look up Land Record Bihar by serial number or group name.

Here’s how to find land records in Bihar online quickly:

In Bhulekh, Bihar, how can you verify and Find Land Record Bihar 2022? (Instructions are given in a step-by-step fashion.)

On the Bihar governments land survey portal, you can look up the state’s land records.

Method 1: Go to Bhumijankari or and create an account.

Method 2: In the website’s right side, select “Searching by Serial No.”

Method 3: Choose the appropriate category.

  • Following Computerization (2006 to present).
  • Computerization prior to computerization (1996 to 2006).

Method 4: If you select the post-computerization phase (from 2006 to the present), fill in the following information and click the ‘View’ button.

  • Number of occurrences.
  • Office of Registration.
  • Years\sYears.

Method 5: If you select the pre-computerization phase (1996–2006), fill in the following information and then click the ‘View’ button.

  • Number of occurrences.
  • Years Registration Office Years.

How can someone check the Bihar Land Record, also known as Bhulekh Bihar, based on the name of the political party?

You can also use the procedures below to examine the Online Land Record Bihar 2022 in the name of the party:

Method 1: Go to the landlord’s website and click on the right-hand pane to search by party name.

Method 2: You’ll be routed to the page below. You have two alternatives to pick from here.

  • Following Computerization (2006 to present).
  • Computerization prior to computerization (1996 to 2006).

Method 3: In this step, fill in as much details as possible.

  • Name of the political party.
  • Years\sYears.
  • Type of Party (Executive, Claimant, or Both).

Method 4: Select ‘View’ from the drop-down menu, and the details will appear on the screen.

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The Closure

The discussion above is providing lots of information regarding the fundamental criteria of demography in Bihar. Positively, this will aid you to understand the facts regarding it. Please follow other articles by us to be aware regarding such subject and more.


  1. How can I check my land details with survey number in Bihar?

    Step 1: Visit Bhumijankari's website at and select View MVR from the services menu.
    Step 2: Fill in the required information, including the Registration Office, Circle Name, Thana Code, and Land Type.

  2. How can I check my land map in Bihar?

    To get the map, go to the Bihar bhu naksha official website and enter information such district, tehsil, and village. Then, in the Bihar bhumi naksha/map, look for the field's khasra number.

  3. How can I check my mutation status in Bihar?

    ·         Click the “ '” link on the portal's homepage.
    ·         Select the relevant district from the drop-down menu.
    ·         Select the appropriate Anchal/ tab.
    ·         There will be a number of search possibilities available. Use any of the choices in the image to find what you're looking for.

  4. How can I download my sale deed copy online in Bihar?

    Click the “View” button once you've found your name and SRO. On a new page, your deed receipt will appear, ready to be viewed or downloaded. You'll be encouraged to choose another option at the bottom of the page that says, “Click Here to View Deed.”

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