How To Download a Digital Voter ID Card Online in 2022?

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What is the Voter card needed for?

The Voter ID card issued by the Election Commission of India is the primary document and proof of Indian citizenship. People above the age of 18 are considered to be citizens of India and are issued a Voter ID card that gives them the right to exercise their political activities by casting their votes. It also serves as an important address proof.

With the help of your Voter card, you can travel to Nepal or Bhutan. In that case, you won’t need a passport.

Keeping in mind the value and need of the voter ID card, new voters who have just enrolled their names want to know how to download digital voter ID cards online. In case of misplacing a voter ID card also, one can easily online download a voter ID card.

What is e-EPIC?

All those who want to know how to download digital voter ID cards online need to know about e-EPIC. e-EPIC is the PDF format of a voter ID card.

It is valid just like the physical voter ID card. It cannot be edited as it is an online download voter ID card and is thus believed to be a secure version of the voter ID card.

e-EPIC is the electronic version of the voter ID card with the same EPIC number as in the voter card.

How to download a voter ID card online?

The steps to download digital voter ID cards online are as follows:

  • Go to the official portals or
  • To online download a voter ID card, register yourself in the portal as a voter.
  • Go to the menu navigation and click on ‘Download e-EPIC’.
  • Form EPIC-002 has to be downloaded.

For correction of details in your voter ID card, fill and submit Form no. 8.

  • Put the EPIC number/Form Reference number.
  • To download digital voter ID cards online you’ll be sent an OTP on your mobile number.
  • Put the OTP.
  • For online download a voter ID card, save the file by clicking on ‘Download e-EPIC’.


What should I do if I lose my voter ID card?

If you have lost your voter ID card, apply for a duplicate one in the following way:

Keep the copy of the FIR about the missing voter card.
Form EPIC-002 has to be downloaded.
Fill out the form with all the necessary details: personal details, copy of the FIR, address proof, and identity proof.
The local electoral office will issue a reference number on submitting the form.
After the verification is done, the duplicate voter ID card will be generated. You can collect it from the local electoral office.

How can I get a voter ID in EKYC?

It is important to link your Voter ID with EKYC. To link your phone number and email ID with the Voter ID, visit the official portal of NVSP. Find the e-EPIC option and register yourself/log in. Find the e-KYC option and input the EPIC number/Application number. Put your mobile number and email ID and click on ‘Submit’.

Is voter ID the same as an epic number?

The EPIC number is the same as the Voter ID number. They are the same things: a 10-digit number found right above the photo in the Voter card.

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What is Form No 6 in the election?

Form no. 6 is filled up to enroll the name of a candidate through application in the electoral roll. You can fill up Form no. 6 and get your name enrolled in the electoral roll by visiting

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