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Icelandic Island is one of the countries that has the lowest unemployment rates in the world with regards to the Global Peace Index 2019. The Icelandic Island is regarded as the land of future skills for working sustainability. 

The companies in this country are deeply rooted in new technological advancements and this makes way for new opportunities in the employment sector. Technology and Innovation have created great employment opportunities in the marketplace. Iceland is an expensive country in Europe but a pleasant country to live in.

Jobs Opportunities in Iceland 

In early 2008, Iceland experienced the worst economic crisis and the economy was affected immensely. Over the years, the country has recovered from its past and established various industries in the country. 

After the advent of major industries in the country, there are plenty of job opportunities that were created for the global market. The major industries are the aluminum industry, fish processing, geothermal power, hydropower, pharmaceutical industry, and tourism. 

Iceland is a country that is sparsely populated with less number population. It is mostly dependent on the foreign skilled employees that come and work in the country each year. The IT, tourism, and construction industries have the maximum number of employment opportunities. 

To deal with the aging population of the country, the country accepts applications of various foreign nationals with the latest skills for the effective running of the respective sectors.

How to Apply for a Job in Iceland

The capital city of the country namely Reykjavik is regarded as the economic and social hub of the country. Therefore, the number of opportunities is likely to be more in the capital city of the country. It is thus, advisable to first search for opportunities in the capital city.

Thereafter, send applications to the respective companies mentioning the positions that one would like to work in. These days most of the companies post their vacancies on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In, and various other social media websites that are particularly used for finding internships and jobs. 

However, one may also choose the old traditional way and send a good representative email along with a Cover Letter to the respective company.  

Most of the interviews are held face-to-face but at times when the candidate belongs to a foreign national, the interview may be held on telephones or Skype. Thus, the candidate may not always have to travel for the interview.

Types of Jobs:

Seasonal Jobs

The summertime in the country is usually very long and therefore the country offers special seasonal jobs from time to time. In particular, the hospitality industry offers many new opportunities during the summertime. 

However, these positions are mostly temporary and are readily available only for the time being. During this time, other temporary volunteering and internship opportunities can also be found in the country. Various websites post particularly about the vacancies and such seasonal opportunities. Some of such websites areas:,,, etc. 

However, it is pertinent to understand here that there is a necessity of having complete fluency in the English language to survive in the country and find pleasant job opportunities. 


There are various benefits of interning abroad. It helps in personal life enrichment and fulfillment of learning new skills and knowledge. It will also help in enriching the aspirations and urge of acquiring new skills to equip oneself with all the necessary knowledge to excel in one’s career. There are various social media platforms and websites where one may find the details and apply for such internship opportunities. 

Acquiring Visa

The residents of European Economic Areas do not require a visa if the duration is less than three months. However, if the duration of staying is more than three months then there is a need for registration with the Registers Iceland- the national registry. 

Moreover, the residents of non-European Economic Area are required to possess valid permission of the authority to reside in the country for more than three months. In such a case, the company that hired the individual is likely responsible to apply for such permission. The main criteria for holding such valid permission are the following:

  • Athletes
  • Specialized Workers
  • Temporary workers  

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Way Forward

Acquiring international jobs helps in the enrichment of the individual and helps in their growth. However, sometimes the working culture in the respective country may be stressful. For instance, the national working average of Iceland is 40-hour per week. The companies also provide paid leaves from time to time. 

Further, the amount of tax that an individual pays for their salary depends entirely on the amount they are earning. In all, this is an overview of the working culture in Iceland.  

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