How to find Jobs in Luxembourg: Earning and Conditions

Among the other European countries, Luxembourg is a tiny nation, which is encircled by France, Belgium, and Germany. This rural country has dense forests and nature parks with the scenic Moselle river valley. Luxembourg City is the capital which is famous for its medieval old town.

Luxembourg offers many job opportunities to students and below 18’s. As summer-based work, the community offers gardening jobs to the young students as well as residents. It is a good option for young residents as their permanent monthly wages.

Criteria of Summer Jobs

The employer must go through an employment contract to specify the assignment’s duration. A student employee must keep in their mind that they are not eligible for paid or sick leave.

For any reason, if the student employee wishes to not attend his or her workplace, they must get approval from their employer. In such conditions, the employee will not get their wages during their absence.

Remunerations For Age-based Student Job

  • 1. For age between 15 to 17 years: Employees of this age group will receive a minimum amount of gross 9, 5459 euros per hour or for full-time job 1, 65145 euros per month or 40 hours per week.
  • 2. For age between 17 and 18 years: Amount of 10, 1823 euros gross per hour rate or 1.76154 euros per month will be as wages.
  • 3. For the age of 18 years: For an unskilled full-time job the employee will get 12, 7279 euros gross per hour and 2.20193 euros per month.

Student employees must be known that student jobs are free from any contribution-related purposes like pension schemes, health insurance, etc. Also, it will be tax-free for the student employees until their wages will rise to 14 euros or more.

Where to search for a holiday based job?

 The young residents, as well as student employees, may connect with the municipality authority, as filling administrative related jobs, various seasonal tasks like Spillnometteger, gardening are offered by the municipalities.

There are some temporary work options also, for such job-related details young residents and students may contact with the temporary employment agencies. For further more job options students must visit website in Luxembourg.

Employment Providing Organizations in Luxembourg: Sometimes seeking internship jobs in Luxembourg might get run through a tough elongated process. But several tools might help the job seekers for taking initial steps. Here are those-

ADEM, Agence pour le Development de l’Emploi

The young residents and students may register their details by calling or filling online the agency’s contact details. Job seekers should be concerned about their registration details, as it will be generated from the first person presentation provided by the job seekers to ADEM.

Registration Process of ADEM

To register with ADEM, the candidate must perform any professional activity in Luxembourg. This is the same for all whether they are already in a job or a seeker for the job. The organization will provide a file named ”Guide du demandeur d’emploi”, which contains all the necessary information regarding jobs.

A questionnaire will also be provided that must be completed by the candidate. A face to face meeting session with the counselor will also be provided for the betterment of the job seeker.

Advantages for Unemployment Benefit

After registering with ADEM, it will provide several benefits to the job seekers like workshops, individual face-to-face interview sessions, counselor’s advice, etc. All of these will provide great support to find suitable jobs for the candidates.

ADEM provides job opportunities as per age, qualification, and also the situation of the seekers. Job seekers also get an option to perform a vocational training course offered by ADEM. Costs of the training can be paid through the last salary or any extra wages by the employees.

Other Websites for Job Search in Luxembourg

Several other websites also offer job options to the seekers. By subscribing to one of them, job seekers can avail job options according to their ages, qualifications, and situations. The regarding websites are as follows-

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Though Luxembourg is an expensive nation, at the same time, it has numerous options for young residents and students according to their requirements. Giving very little effort students can have their own wages that can turn them into self-sufficient citizens.

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