How to get traffic to your website free | Blog traffic increase |

We can find several bloggers who have to wait for 5-6 months to gain traffic to their blogs and many still fail in this process, and unwillingly have to close their blogs. There are some basic and easy ways through which we can solve these problems. These are the steps to show how to get traffic to your website free and what are the possible ways to make your blog traffic increase. These steps are free of cost and easy to follow to get free and real instant organic traffic without SEO to your website or blog.

How to get traffic to your website free | Blog traffic increase |

How to get or increase best free real instant organic traffic without SEO to your website fast.

So, to gain or increase traffic on your blog, you need to follow some steps, tips, and tricks. For that simply follow these 6 basic steps:

Best free and real instant organic traffic without SEO to your website or blog

Unique Article: The very first step to increase traffic on your blog is to write a unique article. The unique article is the most important and basic need for increasing traffic. By writing a unique article one can attract a large number of readers towards his or her blog.

Free Search Engine Submission: Once you are done with writing a unique article, now you are required to submit your work on the free search engine. To do so, you need to search for free search engine submission on Google and click on the very first website provided. (click on the lnik below).

Now you need to copy and paste the URL of your blog plus your name or website and your email id on the website that shows on the search result google. Now you are ready to ping your blog and increase your traffic.

Ping your blog: Once you submit your blog, you need to ping your blog on the search engine. To ping your blog, you have to search for some ping websites on the search engine, e.g. Pingler, Pingomatic, etc. are some of the popular websites to ping blogs. You can choose any of them and then all you need to do is copy the url of your blog and paste it at the provided space on the ping website. Here, you need to give a title to your blog and choose any 3 categories from the drop-down option.

Quora: This is the most famous way to bring unlimited and genuine traffic on your website or blog. It is also one of the most famous websites to gain knowledge and ask questions. Quora is also known as an element that boosts traffic in your blog. All you need to do is simply sign up or you can also use your Google id to sign in. Then try to search on the topics related to currently occurring festivals or occasions and simply answer them in 2-3 lines and attach your blog’s url. You can also find questions related to the niche of your blog or website, just answer it and paste your link to promote your content for free.

Commenting on popular websites: This is the oldest and best way to get more traffic on your website. Many bloggers use this method for a long time to gain enormous traffic on their content at no cost. You can search your topic on Google and then visit any of the websites related to your topic. Try to visit the top 5 websites provided on any search engine. Then you can go to that website or blog and posts any say anything as comments. It is ideal to praise the content of the blog or website in the comment section and after your comment just paste your blog’s url there.

Social Networking sites: Last but not the least, all the social media platform acts as a goldmine for every blogger whether they are new in this field or they are an expert. Social media provides millions of free traffic to the blog or website without any cost. This also helps the newbies blogger to promote their content in a new form.

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Hence, by performing the above-mentioned steps, tips, and tricks one can gain traffic on his or her blog free of cost and fast.


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