How to Link Driver License with DigiLocker App to Prevent Traffic Challan?

What is the DigiLocker App?

The DigiLocker app was designed by the Government of India under the initiative of Digital India where one can store all the important documents and is considered to be authentic digital documents. The uploaded documents can be accessed in the future as per need.

DigiLocker is a cloud-based database.

It is useful to link driver licenses with the DigiLocker app. All important documents should be linked with DigiLocker. Let us check How to Link Driver Licenses with the DigiLocker App.

How to link a driving license with the DigiLocker App?

To link driver licenses with the DigiLocker app means a hassle-free dealing of documents without having to carry them with you and avoiding loosing them here and there. The steps to connect driver licenses with the DigiLocker app are as follows:

Download the DigiLocker app or simply go to the website
To connect driver licenses with the DigiLocker app, sign up using your phone number.
Create your account on DigiLocker by using the OTP you will be getting on your phone number.
Put a secure ID and password.

To login to DigiLocker, if you are an existing user of the app, you can use the MPIN. It helps in quick access of the documents.

To link driver licenses with the DigiLocker app, link your Aadhaar Card up with the DigiLocker app.
Choose “Pull Partner’s Document” after linking with Aadhaar.
Put your driving license number.
Select “Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways” under “Central Government” to link driver licenses with the DigiLocker app.

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Click on “Driving License”. Fill in the necessary details like name, date of birth, and driving license number to connect driver licenses with the DigiLocker app.
Lastly, click on “Get Document”.

For violation of traffic laws the vehicle owner or the driver will need to show the hard copy of their DL.


  1. license to my DigiLocker App?

    From the DigiLocker website ( or app and choose “Sign Up”. Select “Get more Issued Documents” from “Issued Documents”. Now select “Ministry of Road Transport and Highways” from “Central Government”. Click on “Driving License”. Enter necessary details like name, date of birth, and driving license number. Finally, click on “Get Document”. Your document will be uploaded automatically.

  2. Why is my driving license not showing in DigiLocker?

    Once uploaded, your driving license is sure to be shown on DigiLocker. But if you can't access your driving license from DigiLocker then your details might not have been updated on the database.

  3. Can I show my driving license on DigiLocker?

    According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 driving license uploaded on the DigiLocker app is as valid as the physical hard copy of your driving license. So it will be accepted by anyone.

  4. How do I write my driving license number in DigiLocker?

    The format to write your driving license number is SS-RRYYYYNNNNNNN or SSRR YYYYNNNNNNN. SS stands for state code (For eg: WB for West Bengal), RR for RTO code, YYYY for the year in which the driving license is issued, and NNNNNNN for the rest of the license number.

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