How to Link West Bengal Ration Card with Aadhaar Card from your Home?


There is no question that each of us requires both an Aadhaar card and a ration card. In reality, having these two cars is required since they serve as identification proving we are Indian nationals. In practically all the states, the process of appropriately linking these two has begun.

This is a procedure that has recently occurred in West Bengal. As a result, in today’s essay, we’ll go over the matter of How to Link West Bengal Ration Card with Aadhaar Card in great detail.

Is Aadhar card and Ration Card can be linked by yourself?

Is it possible to link a ration card to an Aadhaar card on our own? Or do we need someone’s assistance? It’s natural to wonder about such things. The correct response to such a query is that you can do so by visiting a cybercafé.

However, the goal of this essay is to assist you in linking your Aadhaar card and ration card from the comfort of your own home. Then stick with us until we’ve finished talking.

What are the basic problems that are faced by common consumers while liking the Aadhar card and Ration Card?
It is known from many that there are various problems while Aadhaar Card Link With West Bengal Ration Card.

Suppose there is ever an internet problem. That means the server is not available. In some cases, OTP is not coming. The West Bengal government has come up with a new approach to solving these problems.

Let’s talk about that. The next part of our post will tell you how a step will help you link properly.

Step by step procedure of linking Aadhar card and Ration Card manually at home

A link has been published from the Food Department of the Government of West Bengal which will help you in this regard. Now we will have a look at the fundamental process of Connect Ration Card with Aadhaar Card.

Step 1: As a first step, go to Google and search by entering the ration card.
Step 2: An option called Ration Card will open in front of you immediately. The official website is Go to this website and click. Maybe it will take a little while for it to load. You have to wait.

Step 3: Now click on the Home button and many options will come up immediately. The notice button here says that if you go there, you will see that there is a link option between the Aadhaar card and the ration card. You have to click there.
Step 4: Thereafter you will then need to enter your phone number and an OTP will appear on your phone number.

Step 5: Then you have to choose a specific category for your ration card.
Step 6: This is the time when you have to give Aadhaar card number and ration card number one after another asked accordingly.
Step 7: This is the final step where it will take some time and then the ration card will be linked with your Aadhaar card.

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Positively, we think that this post will be a big help for our readers who want to avoid the long queue at the cyber café for link Aadhar and Ration cards.

Hopefully, this process will seem quite easy and convenient process for you as it can be done entirely without any obstacles. And most importantly at your home.


  1. How can I link my Aadhaar card with a ration card online?

    Many options are there. You may take the help from a cyber café or do it manually by visiting the official site of the West Bengal Government-

  2. How can I know my Aadhaar card is linked with the ration card?

    Go to the official site of the Food Department of the West Bengal Government at Put your registered mobile number and you will get the information.

  3. How can I link my ration card mobile number online in West Bengal?

    Visit the official website of the Food Department of West Bengal Government at and you will get everything you need there. You just have to follow the processes suggested by the website.

  4. How can I activate my ration card online in West Bengal?

    You may get all you need on the official website of the West Bengal Government's Food Department at All you have to do is follow the steps outlined on the page.

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